Tuesday, November 13, 2012

For Narnia!!!

I had the most awesome mid morning nap dream on Monday (and by "mid morning" I mean, about an hour after I woke up and until lunchtime- I lead an exciting life).

It was my first day at a new school. The day before, someone had given me a new orange car- just because. What a kind stranger. On my way to school, I stopped at the store and bought a dvd and one other thing (that I am kicking myself because I can't remember what it was but it was a totally random item) and went into the school. I'd accidentally left the items in the grocery cart by the car.

During the day, I realized it was not a real school, but the set of Glee. I was an actor, not a student. Later that day, as I was walking through the parking lot, Iwas talking to Artie from Glee, (who was obviously the actor-not the character- because he was walking, not riding in his wheelchair). I walked with him to his car, he was very friendly and I was happy to have made a new friend. I also ran into the girl who plays Mercedes. She was in her car and I stopped to talk to her too. They were all very nice and seemed to welcome me to the set, but she kinda brushed me off like I was just a random fan girl.

As I walked, I asked myself if they really were nice, or if it was trying to be their friend because they were the stars- I got to my car and realized someone had bashed in the back end of it- to the point where the trunk hood was crumbled in pieces all over the place. I sat on the ground and cried. Tears were pouring down my face as I said, "I just got this car yesterday!!!"

There was a crowd of people around me trying to soothe me and help me solve the mystery of the wreckage. I got up to inspect the rest of the car. The engine was gone- everything was gone. The inside of it was completely gutted. It was only the shell of the car left. I was grateful I had just gotten it and didn't have anything of real value in it. Still sitting next to the car was the grocery cart. My items were still in it. That confused me. I thought to myself, If they were so intent on taking everything- why did they ignore this cart of brand new items? I picked up the dvd (which I can't remember what it was- but I know it was a chick flick) and walked back towards the stores. I knew shopping would make me feel better.

I was at this store looking at dresses- the shop keeper was mean mean mean. so I finally stood up to him and asked, "Is this store associated with the LDS church?" (there we little ceramic temples lining the walls)

Confused, and said, "Why yes, but we are not owned by the church."

"Then even though you are not a member of the church, you still in some way represent it- and you can not talk to me that way. I am your customer and you have to treat me with respect!"

A wry grin spread across his face as he said, "Congratulations, you won a free dress for standing up to me. No one has ever done that before. Pick any dress you like." He turned away from me, he put on a pair of gym shorts and went off for a jog, leaving me alone in the store. I tried on every dress.

I was soon joined by my friend, a faun (Mr Tumnus?). As I was trying on a giant frilly ball gown and thinking how very silly I looked, a woman's voice rang from the sky saying, "Take this to save my children!" Suddenly there was a great wind. I ran to the door and a funnel cloud was descending on the shop door. It came up to the store, lingered a minute then dissipated as suddnely as it formed. As the dust cleared, I could see it had left behind a ten foot tall red lamp post.

I looked around and other people on the street. They had stopped and were staring as aghast as I was- so I knew I wasn't crazy, other people had witnessed this freak of nature. I was so confused I didn't know what to do with it. With my friend's help, we struggled to get it inside the store.

I asked Tumnus if he would let me use his hooked umbrella for just a minute. I stood up on the ridge of the post and leaned out using the hook of the cane (umbrella-it kept changing from one to the other) around the post. I was going to swing around in a circle and scream "FOR NARNIA!" because I'd just always wanted to do that.

Seeing that was what I was going to do, Tumnus jumped up and stopped me. "Don't you dare!"he shouted, "That is the way to activate the lamppost and you're not going back without me!" I thought he was being ridiculous, so when he hopped down for a minute to pick up his packages, I twirled around the post and shouted, "For Narnia" as though I were leading an army into battle in my voluminous ball gown. Soon, I began to spin uncontrollably, but it was not making me dizzy, or causing me to fear falling off- Tumnus screamed in rage as I continued to spin. He raced about the room as if in fast forward, and I just knew it was because I'd activated the lamp. When I finally came to a stand still, I was in a snowy neighborhood, lined with houses.

I looked about two blocks down- and the snow and neighborhood suddenly stopped, and opened up into a mall food court. There I met with a friend dressed all in white and explained what had happened with the lamp post. She promised she'd help me save Narnia, and we ventured back into the snow.

And sadly, this is where I woke up- and  I couldn't go back to sleep to get back into the dream. Gah!!!!