Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Year's Worth of Accomplishments

The year's biggest laugh:  Took place just the other day. Christmas Eve to be precise.

{preface} My niece and  I were wrapping gifts with a roll of very old hidden in the corner wrapping paper. As I unrolled it, there was a spider body!!!! After I appropriately freaked out, my mom called my dad in from the other room to come dispose of it (because my mom, my niece and myself were all incapable of carrying the zero weight but 100% grody carcass out of the room). My dad thought he'd be funny and pretend to dump it on my head. Only when I threatened to punch him in the kidney did he realize it wasn't funny.

{the story} So I think the next turn of events follows naturally.  I rolled the paper out a little more to measure it to the box I was wrapping... when i noticed something half-roundish... and totally gross.  I didn't want to get too close- but I tried to figure out what it was before I freaked out.  It was small and curved- and it looked dead and dried out. "Eeew- what is that?" I exlaimed in mild horror. I looked closer and said, "it looks like a larvae!!! gross gross gross gross gross!!!!!"  I used the wrapping paper to flick it away from me toward my niece who also in turn freaked out.. But she, being more curious and courageous than I, picked it up in the tips of the scissors to get a better look at it. She looked like she was performing surgery as she held the miniature monster up to the light.  I looked away, totally grossed out as she said, "what the...? It's a fruit loop!"

I guess you had to be there. But I honestly cannot remember the last time I've laughed that hard. I laughed so much the muscles in my back were aching.

The year's best timing: I don't know if it's appropriate to go into detail- but I'm glad I moved to the facility I did- WHEN I did.

The year's best scheme to get people to like me: I implemented the "make cookies so my co workers will like me" program at work. I think this is still a work in progress, and I fully intend to make more cookies this weekend to take. But these magical cookies have pulled down lots of walls and even scored me a hug once!

The year's greatest accomplishment: Getting the nurses I work with trained. Some of them I've been training to hand me admit papers instead of putting them in the bin. Others I've been training to make sure they stop and take leave as the go home for the day.  It doesn't sound like much, but it's been a work in progress for a few months now, and finally today- one stopped all on his own without my having to remind him.  :)  Of course, now having said that, I'm sure my success will have been a one time fluke. Dangit.

The year's closest claim to fame: I submitted a picture to Cake Wrecks and it got used in on of their posts! Squeeee!!! I'm sure to you normal people that's not a big deal... but I was pretty darn excited. *That* was a good day.

The year's best new addiction: This is a toss up between Angry Birds (which technically I hate- but I have to get to the next level- so I can't seem to stop playing it) and The Big Bang Theory. I think I have a crush on every one of those boys.  I really do love me a nerd. I feel more at home among nerds. I think that's why I always liked Ross and Chandler best on Friends.  They seeeeeem cool- but anyone who knows what the Kobeyashi Maru is without looking it up- and can use it in conversation correctly- automatically qualifies as a nerd and is aces in my book!


Camisetta said...

So. I love the Big Bang Theory! You even crush on Wolowitz? Ew... :) I like this blog. I may steal the idea. BUT thank you!

Bakeshow said...

Yes. Even Wolowitz. He's alllllll talk. And mildly pathetic, which makes him endearing. :)