Monday, December 5, 2011

What the Dickens!

Dickens is a Christmas staple! A Christmas without watching/reading Dickens' A Christmas Carol is like... Arbor Day with no trees... it just doesn't make sense! It's such an integral part of the season! There are like, a bazillion versions out there. Some good. Others...... not so much.

The other day I finally sat down and watched the Jim Carrey Version of Dicken's A Christmas Carol. Can I tell you how utterly disappointed I was with it? Seriously? I thought with Colin Firth and Gary Oldman it would be awesome! And I think Jim Carrey is pretty flingin flangin talented too (if not a tad obnoxious) so I thought it would be awesome.

They got some of it right. It was more faithful to the actual story than a lot of other versions I've seen. But I think they tried a little too hard to make it 3D interesting and the whole death coach chase scene was just stupid.

I think the Mickey Christmas Carol is sweet.

But what can I say? I have a thing for rich ducks with Scottish accents :)

And the Muppet Christmas Carol is hilarious and rather touching (I can't be the only person who cries when I watch Muppets... can I?).

Ummm... Hello! Kermit the Frog is in this one! Need I say more?

One of my favorites is the George C Scott version.

I remember it being a tad creepy (although the Jim Carrey one gives it a run for it's money) .

And of course I'm partial to the Patrick Stewart version (sorry, no good links).

Definitely the handsomest Scrooge ever!
BUT (that's a big but)

My all time favorite version  (judge if you wish)- no matter how not-exactly-accurate it is- is The Mr Magoo version.  You can find the entire video available on Hulu. Or you can just click HERE.

I hope you take time to watch any- or all of these versions! Let me know which one is your favorite!

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