Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Adam

Adam came before Eve. That's all the explanation you get. 

Every year for Christmas Adam the single, childless sisters in the Baker clan take the kids and party all night long so the parents can have some time to do some last minute organizing.  My sister Kim goes overboard with the planning. She plans enough for a three week getaway- but we only have a few hours!

This year everyone had to come dressed as a character from a Christmas story. We had Suzy Snowflake, Rudolph, a gingerbread girl, and a bunch of elves (one was a very convincing Dwayne from Prep and Landing)... oh... and a Grinch... sort of.  [I've been expressly forbidden to post pictures because sooooome of them are in Jr High/High School and have reps to protect.]

We eat Monte Cristos for dinner.

Ohhhhh....  they're heavenly! I forgot about that lovely little tradition. Melanie makes them from the Disneyland recipe.

 We watched the Prep & Landing movies.

I'd never even heard of them! So cute! We did a little Christmas karaoke, some Wii (I kicked their butts at the reindeer games!).

When it got long toward bedtime, I bailed. I'm not going to be in the same town as my bed and not sleep in it. Sorry. Nothing trumps sleeping in my own bed.

But before I have to go to bed- I just have to show you one quick little thing.

My mom makes our stockings when we join the family (obviously, some stockings have moved away and been joined by other matching stockings) and they are all the same size...

Well... if you look closely at this not so good from my phone picture, you'll see that MY stocking is *ahem* a little bigger than everyone else's. My mom threatens every year to make me a new one that matches the rest of the family's... but I'm pretty sure it's right just the way it is. It's a symbol that I'm the "goodest" kid. My mom obviously knew it all the way back when I was brand new.

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Rochelle and Jonathan Cardell said...

What are Monte Cristos and what is the recipe?