Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas is for Overgrown Five Year Olds.

Ho Ho Ho! T'is Christmas season! And there are certain movies/shows that I absolutely MUST watch in order for it to really feel like Christmas! I haven't even checked online to see if the more obscure ones are available, but I'll share what I can!

Today's is one that I'm pretty sure you'll all judge me for. I just remember watching it as a kid- and when I found it online tonight it made me so incredibly happy! I don't know why I can't put the video right on my blog page- but for some reason it's not working- so I'll give you a link to it HERE. Please don't judge me. 

Does anyone out there even remember this show being on TV? I totally loved it!  No wonder I turned out so awesome [read strange]. It's only 22 minutes. Go on- Watch it!

Also, I have a post of our annual gingerbread house party coming up... I just need to take the time to download the pictures from my camera (which I *finally* rescued from my parent's house!) and put them on the blog- so keep an eye out for those- and for more of my favorite Christmas shows!

Do you like how I talk to my readers like they actually exist? hahaha!


Amy said...

One of my favorites is the one with Snow Miser and Heat Miser. It might be called "The Year Without a Santa Claus." I love the songs those two crazies sing.

Bakeshow said...

That's one of my must see's too!