Saturday, November 26, 2011

The new Theme Song of my life!!!

Who knew that going to a Muppet Movie could change your life? (Lyrics below)

I look around

And once again I'm on my own

My man ain't here

He's gone he done me wrong

No one's gonna stop this girl from having fun

I throw my hands up high and have a party for one

I'm having a me party

A party by myself

A me party

I don't need nobody else

I'm having a me party

I'm the first and last to show

There's no one at this party that I don't already know

I'm not gonna sit around

By myself and wait for you

Haven't you heard one is the new two?

I'm gonna make a scene

I'm gonna make a fuss

Tonight I'm gonna celebrate for just the one of us

I'm having a me party

I don't need no invitation

A me party

I just love the conversation

Me party

(not sure about this line)


You do the math frog

It means I'm not with you

I wont lie, there are times when I wish I was with you

There are days when all this girl can see is a world that's made for two

At times like this I feel all alone and like nobody cares

But I only have to call my name and darling I'll be there

I'm having a me party

Haven't I seen you here before?

A me party

I'm the last one on the dance floor

Me party

A party just for one

Me party

Just solo night frog

Having a me party

I'm such great company

A me party

I'll save the last dance for me

What happens at a me party

Stays at a me party

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