Sunday, November 20, 2011

Four State Tour part 2

I'm going to start writing like I am in the middle of a conversation, like there was no break between this post and the last post.

Only... I forgot where I was so I have to go back and look at the other post now.


Right. Ok. So I worked Tuesday and it was a super slow day. All the sick people decided to stay home. But Wednesday- I looooooooved Wednesday. Why? Because it took me home!

My dear sweet Auntie got out of bed at 5:30 am to get me to the airport. Bless her heart. Seriously.  I made it though to the gate and onto the flight just fine (remember, I'm flying with a buddy pass- which means I am stand by and if anyone has paid even a dollar for their flight- I get bumped!) All the direct flights to Denver were overbooked so my choices were either fly to Albuquerque and change planes, or fly to LA (I know, right? totally wrong direction) and stay on the plane as it flew back to Denver. That flight would have gotten me in later- plus it would make me sad to be that close to Disneyland and not be able to go. So I chose New Mexico. I've never been to New Mexico. The man I sat next to on the plane was super nice and not too chatty.

New Mexico... well, like I said, I've never been there- and from the looks of what I could see out the window, I am not missing much. I should have taken a picture, darn it all, to prove I was in New Mexico. You'll just have to take my word for it.

The flight to Denver was unremarkable (personally, I think a flight without turbulence is a waste!). It was lovely to walk off the jet way and have my Lisa friend there waiting for me! I haven't seen her since last summer when she came out here for Harry Potter.  I was about to say it was even good to see the demon bronco... but no. It's never good to see that hideous thing.

That afternoon we watched Twilight. When Matthew, her hubs, came home, we all got gussied up and drove downtown. I knew I loved Denver, but until we drove downtown- I don't think I realized just how much I loved it- and how much I miss it. It's just a beautiful city.

We went to the Buell Theater to see The Lion King. We were making fun of all the little ushers who were freaking out over people taking pictures of each other inside the theater. I just don't see the big deal. During the show? yes, that's a problem. But to take a picture of your group sitting in their chairs? There is absolutely no harm in that and it was stupid the fuss they made (I have a story about that from a few years ago, but I'll spare you the details at this time).

The show was A.Mazing. I of course was bawling during the opening sequence. It was just so overwhelmingly beautiful. The music, the staging, the costumes- incredible!  I know a lot of people have a hard time adjusting to the costumes- but I think it's pure genius. The last thing I want to see is some schmuck running around in a flannel lion suit with a mane of yarn wrapped around his head. The artistry was phenomenal.

the lady who played Rafiki was freaking amazing!!!

The next day we watched New Moon (and just for the record, when I say "we watched" I usually mean, "Lisa and AJ watched while I slept). Lisa had an appointment that afternoon- which was fortuitous because my friends, the Carrolls just happened to be going to the Museum of Nature and Science. So Lisa dropped me off there so I could spend some time with them. Oh my gosh. Those were two of the best hours ever! I don't think they realize just how much I love them and miss them. And for them to include me in their family outing really meant a lot to me.  Their kids were a little shy of me at first- but then the warmed up and remembered me. They even have a new edition since the last time I saw them!

We saw the IMAX 3D film Under the Sea- awesome- God must have had so much fun when he was creating all the critters in this world- especially in the ocean because there are some weird lookin fishies down there!

After the wonderful visit, Lisa picked me up and we headed back to her house to watch Eclipse (remember what I said...?) when it was over, we drove to Aurora and met Julie, and Tina at Old Chicago for our traditional pre movie release dinner (Julie and Tina did not come to the movie- but they consented to at least be seen with us at dinner). Des came later to chit chat shortly before we had to go. I love my friends. I miss having friends. It was so good to talk to them. It was like I never left. Granted, I've seen all of them fairly recently- but still, I forgot for a while that a year and some change has passed. It felt so good to be there!


Lisa and I bought treats to stuff in my big ol purse, and headed to Stapleton to meet Trista at the theater! Again- SO GOOD to see Trista! I haven't seen her since I left Denver. We've texted a little bit here and there- but it was so good to chat with her- to be with my movie premier girls!

The theater had a trivia contest- it was badly planned out- but long story short- I WON! (there is a picture... but either they haven't posted it yet- or I can't find the right Facebook page). It was funny because I was really just trying to raise my hand first and not really listening to the question. It's a good thing I had my girls with me- they gave me the answer. I won the prize-two movie tickets and free popcorn and drinks for 2012. Uhh... not gonna do me any good kids! So since I raised my hand- I got my picture taken for all the world to see (if only they can find it!?!?!?!) I gave the tickets to Trista and the popcorn and soda to Lisa since that's the theater she'd go to and it's kinds out of the way for Trista. I think it's was a fair deal. They deserved the prizes more than I did- but that way we all got a piece of the pie.

The movie... well, perhaps I'll review it another time.

The next day dawned bright and beautiful... at least I think it did. I had Twilight hangover and didn't get up till about 11:00.  Lisa and I watched some of the extras on one of the DVDs then she took me to the airport. All the flights looked pretty booked so we were going to try every flight. While waiting for flight number one- we ate lunch in one of the airport bars. It didn't matter how fast I ate my food though- because I could not get on that flight. I started to wonder if I should call my boss to let her know I miiiiiight not be at work the next day.

We sat around until the next flight- and magically- I was the last person on the plane! And I don't know how I managed that, because the flight was so overbooked that they actually called a guy by name and said they needed his seat and he had to get off. I don't know how I was not the one asked to deplane.

That flight was direct so I was back in Utah before long. Life played several cruel tricks on me that day. I was secretly hoping I wouldn't be able to get on a plane- therefore extending my stay a little... like Colorado just didn't want to let me go... plus, it was an gorgeous 66 degree sunny day! Woo Hoo!!!

As I walked out to be picked up by my cousin, Sharon... it was snowing. Not. Fair. It was a slap in the face that I'm back in reality. Snow. Work. And no friends.

But thank you everyone who made those few short days the best days I've had in a long long time (not counting Des and Tina's visit which was freaking awesome!) And a special thanks to Lisa for getting me out there- and back safely- and for letting me crash at your house! You rock baby! You rock!


Vern said...

Um. Seriously? Because *I* was at Lion King on Wednesday. We took the Lloyd's 3 extra tickets that they bought for their kids and then their kids couldn't come. Matinee showing. Were we there at the same time?!

Bakeshow said...

No. We went to the evening showing- but still- just to know you wer *so* close! Blast!!!