Monday, November 7, 2011

Things I learned today

Today was my day off. I had a long list of things I wanted to do and as I headed out into the great wide world, I picked up a few tidbits of knowledge... or was at least reminded of them.

  • Never eat at Five Guys alone. One order of fries is enough to feed a small country. Holy. Crap.
  • Sometimes songs on the radio can really speak to you.  Two songs in a row I think were meant for me.  "I'm young, wild and I'm free" (by Triumph). and then "Born to Run"  (by The Boss). I realized that this is supposed to be the best time of my life- and I need to get off my arse and take advantage of my freedom! I'll start in a few days by taking in a three state tour. I'm pretty excited!
  • I should never be allowed to be let loose in Jordan Landing with a debit or credit card.  Seriously.
  • I love Pier One. Love. It. It makes me sad to go there when I know full well I can't buy anything- because I have no where to put it. I have no home to decorate! but I am head over heels in love with this Rug. 
Seriously. I might marry it.
  • I am a sucker for anything with glitter and/or feathers. So when I found this Christmas tree covered in both- I was full of smit!

Awesome! I even relented a teeny bit on my judgement of having Christmas decorations out and Holiday tunes blaring overhead. Just look at the gorgeous glittery masks! It has absolutely *nothing* do do with Christmas... but it's so PRETTY!!!

  • No matter how hard I wish- the chances of me walking into a store (mostly Barnes & Noble) and being the millionth, billionth or whatever number-eth customer- and getting a $10,000 shopping spree will probably never come true.

  • Baby girls are so much more fun to shop for than boys!


me said...

Baby girl clothes are the cutest! They make me completely irrational...often I'll suddenly think it's the very best idea in the world to spend twice what I spend on my own clothes for a cute dress or outfit that my daughter will outgrow in a month.

Vern said...

Your advice had the opposite effect on me and now all I want do is go to Five Guys. BY MYSELF.