Friday, October 28, 2011

If I Were a Rich Witch

I don't know about tricks- but my friend posted some treats for today. 

And that is how I started my day. With a big, stupid, Jack o' lantern grin.
Without having my own place it's hard to decorate for Halloween... but I go from shop to shop and dream of how I will decorate *someday*.  I really like these.

I also really like glittery skulls. Is that weird? And the glittery pumpkins and spiders have grabbed my eye too. I think I must just like sparkly things.

I also really like witchy accessories.
*see the broom video at the bottom

And at witchfest I saw the most awesomest haunted village set in the whole world! I'd love to own that... but first- I would need space in which to display it...

and then, like a bazillion dollars to own the whole village.

Speaking of having money to just blow on whatever I fancied... If I had unlimited funds to just spend on completely frivolous holiday decorations- you'd better believe these would be living at my house! 

I found them here (my favorite store at Witchfest!)

I am also quite in love with this valance.

Look closely- the bats are obvious- but the skulls are a little hidden. It's awesome I tell you!

Someday my ship will come in. And when it does- there will be shopping! Although... once you have everything you've ever wanted... you don't have anything left to dream about. Hmmm... I didn't mean to just get philosophical on myself... but maybe to dream *is* better than to have.

I also almost bought this at Cracker Barrel a few months ago (looks like the person who took the video had the same fascination as me).

*Of course, I would buy this for someone else to keep at their house... but for me to visit occasionally.  :)

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