Sunday, October 16, 2011

Witches' Night Out

Last night I joined a group of super fun ladies and went to Gardner Village's Witchfest.  Amber, my friend from work, let me tag along with her family. Thanks!!!

I've been looking forward to it for weeks and slowly putting together a costume. I had to do it on a budget because- let's face it- I'm poor.

I already had the dress and shoes (they are a skirt and shoes I already own- and wear- but put together with the right ensemble it could look witchy). I found the stripey tights and just to make things interesting- a red feather boa (no one ever said a witch could not be *fabulous!!*)

I searched high and low for the perfect hat- and I finally found one that was unlike any I'd ever seen and matched the things I'd already gathered. 

The night of the big outing- I puffed up my hair- globbed on extra makeup- and put on the witchy outfit.

When my friends arrived- I piled in and we drove to West Jordan. The line for the parking lot was at least half a mile long (the broom closet was full). But we finally got in. When they got out of the car and I got to see their costumes, I already felt under dressed.

They looked awesome (and most of the stuff is made by them).

When we walked into the village- we could barely fit. It was a sea of humanity.  I know now what the Quidditch World Cup must have looked like. Witches as far as the eye could see. The first person I saw had the exact same hat as me. Bummer.  I walked two feet- literally two feet further- and saw two more people with the same hat. It was right then that I knew I was not cool. I was one of the lame-os who got their stuff at a chain store like 10,000 other people. I was not unique. Sigh...

I also noticed that it might as well have been a stripey tight convention.  Almost everyone was wearing stripey tights!  

A trend I imagine we owe mostly to the Wicked Witch of the East.

They have all kinds of witchy displays set up throughout the village.

Good lookin ladies, aren't they?

Even the witches took time to eat!

Not all witches go by broom!

Talented, no?

This one's for Shayla.

Up to BAT.

This one had my favorite hat. Should'a gotten a better picture of it.

Apparently they have a little trouble flying.

Someone needs to lay off the witches brew. Or start a chapter of WBA.

Gotta love em, warts and all!

(I keep forgetting to bring my real camera from Idaho- and my phone cam sucks- so a lot of these pictures are either stolen  ***I went back today and took some more pics- the one's that are a little blown out are mine- but they're still better than the ones I took in the dark*** or donated by another member of our little coven.)

Anyway- the stores there were super cute and had lots of awesome decorations for Halloween- and just in general (there was also a *ton* of Christmas stuff- to my dismay). They had a DJ playing tunes so the witches could shake their booties. The lines for food were miles long so we didn't eat there. We just browsed the shops (as best we could- there was a lot to take in and I was trying not to trample people or lose my group so I had a hard time concentrating on one item). I performed a little free service by walking across their lawns and aerating them. My heels got stuck at every step. It was rather funny. And I never got lost because between my regular self, my shoes and my hat- I was easily eight feet tall (Yes, I am related to Hagrid and claim to be half giant).

 I know now what it takes to look good in that crowd- and next time I will go better prepared. Even if I keep my awesome hat- it needs serious work to stand out from everyone else. Maybe I'll scrap it all and start over and go as Madame Maxime.

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