Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Blast from the Past

Did you have one of these as a kid?

A cardboard witches hat with crepe paper brim and a glitter witch?

I totally did. Probably more than one. And I wore it till it wore out.

I had no idea they still made stuff like this. It makes me love Halloween even more! Hooray for cheesy costume stores!

Even my dad had one! (in case you missed this post)


Melissa said...

I had one of those too! Ms. Bakeshow, I need your current address, so I can send you something that you are in need of....text me 208-589-8905 please. Still missing you at work.

Jessica said...

I am sorry to say that never once in my entire childhood did I dress up like a witch. Once I was a black cat but that's as close as I've ever gotten to the witch genre. Devin said he was surprised I've not dressed up like Snape yet...