Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Blast from the Past

Before I delve too much into today's topic- I just wanted to give you a quick update on the dilemma. I really appreciate the outpouring of love and support that everyone gave. You all gave me a lot to think about. I thought a lot about it- I prayed- I talked to my Bishop- I got a blessing...

and I've decided that a move right now is just not the right thing. I want to. Oh, how I want to- but to do the same job I'm already doing- and do it for less money? That's just not a smart option. It's kind of funny- the lessons today in Sunday School and Relief Society were Self Reliance (taught by me) and having courage- you know, the whole leap of faith thing.  The two things I'm struggling with- making enough money to support myself vs acting according to my conscience. Two goods battling it out.

But I'm actually at peace with my decision. It has however compelled me to make changes in other ways. Whether it be eating more sandwiches and not eating out as much (sigh...) or getting a second job so I can get things paid off faster- then so be it.  My Bishop even made a few suggestions as far as career changes go. That scares me. I'm too old to keep starting over at entry level jobs. But I don't want to hate my life for the next 30 years- so something has to change.


That got longer than I anticipated. What I really wanted to show you was this video. This is a movie that I had to watch every Halloween as a kid- or it wasn't really Halloween. Have any of you ever seen it? or even heard of it? It used to play all the time on the Disney Channel (back when they had good shows). 

This is the movie that taught me the origins of All Hallows Day and Halloween. Don't tell me that children's programming isn't educational.

It's only 24 minutes. 

It's not pulling up  to let me post the whole video- and I'm not going to post three of them- so here is the link.

Seriously- just watch it.

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