Monday, October 14, 2013


I really need your advice. Be aware I may not follow it- but I like to know people's opinions.

I have the opportunity to change my job up a little. In July our annex facility became its own hospital. I wanted to transfer then- because I really like the management team over there. But when I talked to someone at work about it I was told, "well, don't leave right now because there is a team lead position opening..." which to me says, "don't leave because we're going to make you team lead soon."

So- you know I didn't get the promotion- and now that a position has opened at the other hospital, because they have been their own facility for a few months, it wouldn't be a straight across transfer. Because they're a smaller facility I would have to take a HUUUGE pay cut (the people who were there during the change didn't lose anything- and I COULD have been one of them but... don't get me started on that. I'm so freaking angry I could punch a wall). For someone who is trying to move out/pay off bills/buy a home, a pay cut is not what I need right now.  They tried talking to HR and explaining that I am a Super User for our computer system, a trainer, and I have a degree- but they still want to cut my pay. When you say the actual amount- it doesn't sound like much- but trust me, for someone who is already poor, it's a big chunk. We'll just say it's nearly a 10% decrease- and that really adds up.


It's a much better situation. I wouldn't ever have to work Sundays. Because they're so small they can't do anything but grow- so there is more potential for advancement, as opposed to where I am now- and positions hardly ever open and the people who are in them now are preeeeetty much there to stay for the long haul.

I would have a longer commute. But I would have better hours. I would have to pay more for gas, but I would have every Sunday off.

That's what it boils down to I think. The Sundays. I am a big fan of keeping the Sabbath day holy and I HATE that I have to work Sundays. So here I have the chance to change that- but I am having a hard time losing that much money.

Am I selling my soul? Am I choosing money over my beliefs? Ugh. That makes me so sick to think of that. But I really REALLY want to be able to move out someday- to have a place of my own- and if I can't do that on what I make now- there is no way I'm going to be able to do it on less...

What do you think?


CaRoLiNg said...

Here is my two cents. You don't have to follow it and I won't be mad at all if you don't follow. Is this job an hourly or salaried position. Do you have to sign some sort of contract?
If it were me, I would interview, get the job offer and negotiate my pay to where I will be happy. Once you get an offer, you have control of the situation more than they do. Plus, if you interviewed, don't get the pay after negotiation, you still have your back up (current) job. That's my thought.

Melissa Ann said...

I think this is one of those choices that you have to go with what feels right! I say go to the temple, search it out in your mind, get a blessing, and try and feel what the Lord would have you do! I would try and take the money out of it but I totally understand why it is there!

Melissa said...

If you stay, you might become team lead. But what after that? That's about the only promotion that will happen, right? But if you go, you could more likely work up to management position I would think...and better pay than you'd get as team lead. plus blessings of getting to church every week. It's hard because it's a guessing game...good thing the Lord knows the answer. Ask him. :-) good luck friend!!