Thursday, October 31, 2013

I feel Witchy- oh so Witchy...

Happy Halloween everyone!

It's been a fun week around here (except for work... work's not fun)

Last week I went to Witchfest with Ana from work, and her daughter (I didn't get any of the photos of Christina! Sorry!!!). Oh my gosh it was so much fun!

My sister, Kim made my hat. It is so freaking awesome I can't even stand it!!!

(a special thank you to my other sister, Melanie who is the only person to recognize that I was going for an "Elphaba style picture) 

This year we had tickets to Witchapalooza, the dinner show. It was a spoof on Taming of the Shrew- but they also spoofed a lot of other things, Dr Phil, American Idol, The Dating Game, etc. It was a five person show and honestly the talent in that group was astounding. One guy did a dead ringer impersonation of Dr Phil, and another guy did an incredible sketch as the devil (because I assume the devil sounds like John Lovits ["he's losing his mind... and I'm reaping all the benefits..."]) That same guy sang the song "the Girl is Mine" as both Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. At the same time people... it was incredible! They do a really good job with that show! I will be going next year for sure.

We hung around a little after the show and danced at the Witches Night Out (and for those of you who know me- you know it's a miracle that I dance- AND had fun).

While visiting a hospital gift shop, I found my favorite new Halloween toy. You form your own little witch- then set her down and slowly slowly the poor dear melts into a puddle of goo. Then you mash her back together and do it again. Hilarious!

Last night I was up till all hours making cupcakes for my coworkers. For my birthday, my cousin and her daughter gave me a HUGE supply of Halloween cupcake decor- fun huh? Except the gummy eyes. Those looked nasty. (I was told they were really yummy though [gag]).

I put them in the car to take to work today- and when I hit the brakes on my car- they slid off the seat. Sigh... so some people got upside down cupcakes. Oh well- I guess if there is a Holiday for that to happen, Halloween is a good one.

Our work meeting/party was fun. I didn't win a darn thing- but any excuse to wear my super awesome witch hat to work is a good one!

Have a great day everyone! If you find yourselves with an over abundance of Kit Kats or Almond Joys, I know someone who would gladly take them off your hands.

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Amy said...

a. your hat is the most amazing witch hat I have ever seen. will your sister make me one in future years when I dress as a witch for Halloween?

b. that melting witch toy is AWESOME.

c. this was from facebook but I think you are awesome for dressing up at work even though nobody else went all out. you are the best kind of person.