Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Leftovers

By the time I'd uploaded that lost post- Halloween was only half over. I hadn't even thought of this costume. My friends Ana and Christina had gotten us tickets to see the Odyssey Dance Co. "Thriller". I was planning to dress up- but I just figured I'd wear the black dress again and either do the witch thing- or last year's flapper stuff (which is basically the same thing except for the hat/headband and no stripy tights.

ANYWAY- I was getting dressed- still wearing my striped tights from work and found my striped shirt. I thought it would be funny to wear- little did I know at that moment that I was coming up with my favorite costume EVER and with stuff out of my own closet!  I put it on and said to my sister, "I look like a mime!" And from that second- I HAD to go to this dance thing as a mime. HAD TO.

Do you know how hard it is to find white makeup on Halloween? DO YOU!?  It's impossible! I checked every store between here and Orem! (that's not true) And finally my sister who is a freaking genius suggested I try regular old concealer for super pasty white people. Bingo!!! Plus it's better for my face!

I hurried and got made up- took a few pictures and headed to Kingsbury Hall downtown. It was a really fun show- all the dances were Halloween themed. I think my favorite was the glow in the dark bones. The prettiest one was the Frankenstein Monster and his bride (that was the only true ballet- the rest were all modern dance- and while I can appreciate modern dance, I don't Looooove it like I love ballet).

Ana wanted me to enter the costume contest- but I would only do it if she went with me. Of course the judges were little teeny bopper-ish college students so they didn't even take a first look at us- let alone a second look. Oh well.

The zombies were sufficiently creepy. They lurked amongst the crowd before the show. The clown who kind of stalled between acts was kind of funny. I stayed in character nearly all night and didn't speak to anyone- only mimed- and even when Ana wanted to get pictures with him- I didn't speak and he commented on my staying in character.


When I got home- I loved my costume so much I didn't want to change and wash it off. I was like a little kid. If I thought I could get away with it (read- wash it out of my pillowcase) I would have slept in it- but I snapped a few silly pics before it went down the drain.




I had WAY too much fun with this.


Melissa Ann said...

That is the coolest costume I have ever seen!

Aleesha Richman said...

We'll at least you know you are not a pasty white girl! Love the creativity!