Sunday, July 14, 2013


I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. I'm just very very stressed out right now and that makes me much less inclined to write. I have some pretty big decisions to make and it seems that whatever decision I make- someone is going to be upset so I generally keep these things to myself- which apparently even that is upsetting some people. I just can't please anyone. So for right now I've stopped giving a rat's rear what other people think. Everyone has an opinion about how I should live my life- and perhaps everyone should just shut the hell up and let me figure some things out on my own.

Even a day spent surrounded by men in kilts hasn't helped. I mean- it was a temporary fix, but I had to come back to this mess I call my life and I still have to get things sorted out.

So be patient with me. Perhaps someday I'll have something I feel like sharing with the world.


Barbara said...

Five weeks ago I had my beautiful baby son. Not only am I sleep deprived but I also miss reading your blog at 2am when I'm nursing the wee one. Come on, there must be something to write about! Anything? :-) xxx

Cami said...

Hahaha seriously! Advice is so exhausting when it's not warranted. I feel your pain, just in different aspects of my life. Today especially I wanted to go all street fighter on some people but I just took a nap instead.