Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Minnie Party

So- Even though I have a big mouth- Melanie still never caught onto the party (either that, or she totally knew about it but was trying to spare my feelings).

Earlier in the day, I took Kim to get her hairs did. I got mine done at the same time. Mine was only a root touch up and then I had her straighten it- nothing exciting- but Kim? Wow. She had hers thinned out and colored in the trendy ombre style. The before and after pics are amazing.

(I'm not entirely sure why I look so weird in these pictures. Perhaps because the photographer [Melanie] is so much shorter..? and the before picture I was trying to look serious... but I just ended up looking like I'm trying not to ralph. OOOOOR it could be because I actually am weird looking- but I prefer to assume it's the first reason)

That night, I made my sisters go pick up pizza. I thought for sure this would tip Mel off- that we were getting her out of the house. I told her "I had some things to do" and she thought I just needed to do laundry or something.

My cousins and aunt helped me throw everything together really quickly. My aunt had made the cupcakes beforehand- but I hurried and made the frosting and decorated them. Pinky set the table and Squeak decorated the walls and put together my new cupcake stand.

On Facetime, I called my sister in law in Boise. She wanted to be in on the party too. As we waited for Mel to come back in, everyone put on their Mouse ear hats. Even JaNeil and Donaven put their ears on so they could be part of it too. I held my iPad up so she could see when Mel came through the door (hence, no pictures of the actual surprise).

Mel was very surprised and we at lots of pizza and cupcakes and opened presents (this year's theme was Disney Villains) and after everyone of school age and their parent or guardian left/went to bed, we played games all night.  

It seriously was such a fun weekend. Today was back to reality. In the next four weeks I have one full day off- and it's a Sunday (which means it's not reeeeally a day off because I have get to wake up and go to church). So by about day nine, if you want to come anywhere near me- you'd better be holding a baby animal and/or a box of thin mints to distract me.

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