Sunday, January 27, 2013

Failed attempts

Today my sisters and I tried to get into a movie playing for the Sundance Film Festival. We've been waiting for this movie for two years! It's called Austenland, based on a book by Shannon Hale. It's a freaking hilarious book- and an Austen-adict must! (especially if no man will ever live up to your idea of Mr. Darcy). Anyway, due to a slow start today (coughKimcough), we weren't able to get into the movie. They only give out 100 standby tickets and by the time we got there, there were at least 150 people in line.  We were all pretty sad- but comforted by the fact that Sony bought the rights to the movie and it will probably be released later this year- and if nothing else, will make it to video.

So, instead of going to the movie we planned on- we walked downtown to the Planetarium. Umm.. it's cold outside. There is snow on the ground. And I forgot to bring the blanket I promised my sometimes-wheelchair bound sister. Idiot! (if I knew of a way to attach that to a clip of Napoleon Dynamite saying that- I'd totally do it) We watched an interesting yet short film in the Dome theater, took Trax to the city center and consoled ourselves at the Disney Store.

Melanie's birthday is coming up. Not living near home, I miss out on a lot of birthdays. So today- I decided to throw her a birthday party while she's here. I went to the store this morning while they were getting ready and bought a ton of stuff for a birthday party. (Mel doesn't read my blog so I can say this pre-party) and swore everyone to secrecy; my aunt, my six year old cousin- everyone.

At the Disney store I bought a bunch of stuff to give Melanie- only to turn around and find out that she was in fact planning on purchasing all the same items. So I had to tell her I bought it for her. What I didn't have to tell her- was that I was going to wrap them up and give them to her so act surprised when I do. Baaaaasically giving away the fact that I'm throwing her a party. Idiot! I am usually so tight lipped about surprises- that even Kim was shocked when those words tumbled out of my big, fat gob.

After our sojourn downtown, we came back home and just lounged about having an electronic device party. Kim was on her Galaxy, Mel on my laptop and I on my iPad- spending time together- but not really. Anyway, my sister-in-law and her boys called us on Facetime. So all sitting on my bed, we huddled together to all be seen in the picture at the same time.

AAAAAAAand that's when the bed frame broke.

I hope tomorrow when I wake up-  my brain wakes up with me.

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