Monday, January 14, 2013

Beating the blues

Everyday I try to do something- to accomplish a goal- no matter how minor. Seriously, some days the best I can achieve is to get showered and dressed.

This weekend I *had* to at least get out of the house once because my dear friend Jessica came to town and I had lunch with her and her husband. I figured while I was out I'd go to the store. In all I think I was out for about two hours. I came home and hid in my room the rest of the day.

I also cleaned my room. Like put-boxes-away-that-have-been-sitting-out-since-I-moved-in-a-year-and-a-half-ago type of cleaning. And I did ALL my laundry so I did actually accomplish some things.

Sunday I made myself go to church even though my ward is not my favorite. My other dear friend, Ryan flew in from Florida so he stopped by to visit for a while. That was lovely of course- but I did not go outside again for the rest of the day.

[Except around 11 pm. I was blowing bubbles in the front yard. That's not strange is it? A 35 year old overgrown child wearing a coat and blowing bubbles in the middle of winter? I was trying to make the crystallize and freeze. I've never seen it for reals and I wanted to try- but alas- as cold as it is- it was not cold enough.]

I'm turning into a hermit. I'm like Peg Bowen from Avonlea. The crazy lady who lives alone and keeps to herself- she's nice enough- but still a little scary (only I don't even get the dignity of saying I live alone). That's me. I'm still a pretty nice person- but I'm pretty sure I scare people when I go out in public.

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