Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In My Head

There is a whole mess of crap going on in my head.  It's dangerous territory and I don't recommend you tread long in the zone.

First of all. I probably should have thought more than once about my decision to stay up till 4 am watching The Best of Jimmy Fallon (for whom I harbor a small crush).  I had forgotten that I traded shifts to work today so I got a phone call ten minutes after my shift started. I was still in bed.  Oopsy.  I was super late. Idiot.

Speaking of crushes. I also kind of have a crush on Brendan Fraser. I really really hope that he's a nice person in real life. Cuz if I ever meet him and find out he's a creep it will be a real let down.

I'm thinking about stopping my blog.  No one reads it anyway. I read it more than anyone else I think.  Nights when I'm bored at work I'll get on it and read some of my back posts.  I think I'm amusing but I don't know if it's worth it.  I probably won't stop. I have just thought about it.

How do people get ahead financially? I feel like I'm going to be living from paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life. Living with my parents doesn't help my positive outlook on that so much either.

I am really grateful to the person who decided that reading aloud and recording audio books would be a good idea. More than once a good book has kept me awake on my monotonous commute. (plus the next book I"m starting is read by Brendan. Squeeeee!!!!)

I have my older brother's name for Christmas this year and I have absolutely no idea what to get him. Nor do I know what to get the kids... well, that's not true. I'll get them the same thing this year that I've gotten them the last few years.  It's easy and fun. I'll tell you after Christmas.  I doubt they read my blog. But just in case, you know.

I hear the horror stories that people have with their teenagers and see the kids who come into the hospital who have suicidal thoughts and stuff, it makes me so glad I'm not a mom. Isn't that horrible?  I'm so selfish.

A few nights ago I had a dream about frog people. They were being attacked by Viking/Huns.  The frog people got in ships to get away from the attackers.  They sailed to a land that used to be a thriving metropolis only to find it a desert ruin.  They saw a Viking/Hun ship and tried to sail around it unseen.  Not so.  They were caught by the V/Hs and a battle ensued.  Climbing over a hot dusty mountain, everyone saw the skeleton of an old city.  The V/Hs hated anything that had to do with electricity and therefore hated the city.  As they tried to attack it, the inhabitants came running out ready to fight. They were strange zombie looking humans who all had mutated right arms.  The arms were elongated almost to the length of their bodies and the hand made into a permanent overlarge fist.  They would hold them out and use them as a ramrod as they ran at the attackers.  As I flew over the battle, I was knocked several times by the fists and continued to bounce over the battle like a beach ball.  When the V/Hs gave up, the zombie fist people took in the frog people refugees.  There was a girl frog and she was sad because she thought her boyfriend had been lost in the battle. In the end, he walked past her and she caught his webbed hand. They kissed and all I could think of was... Wow, that would be kind of a rubbery kiss.

My DVD player is on the fritz.  I don't know how I'm going to watch all my Christmas movies.  I have watched a few on my computer. But usually I like to play on the computer while I watch a movie. I know, my life is so tough.

When I was in England I bought some earrings.  One of them broke last week (not the ones from a few posts ago).  They were my favorites. Sigh...

I tried flirting today and after the guy had left I felt like such an idiot.  I sounded so stupid. And he wasn't even worth flirting with. Totally wasted. Oh well.

I miss not having my bedroom.  At this moment my clothes are all draped over the ironing board as opposed to hanging in my closet. But since the flood incident I've been displaced and I'm kind of spread out over three rooms in the house.

There was a spider in my bed today.  I feel violated.

I miss not being able to cook.  I used to have time to cook a lot but since I've started working I don't think I've cooked anything more difficult than boxed mac and cheese.

My friend sent me the following videos.  Watch this one first.  And then this one.  I nearly peed my pants laughing.  Some people have too much time on their hands.  But I'm glad they put their time to entertaining uses.

See, I told you it was a mess in here.


Amy said...

Brendan Fraser reads books?! Which one? I just might listen to it for no other reason than that it is Brendan Fraser readnig it. I totally had a crush on him too although that has eased up a bit in the past few years. Probably since Zac Efron.

Anyway, you said something very true in this post about thinking about stopping writing in your blog because nobody reads it but that you will go back and read the archives when bored at work. I know you keep a journal and all, but don't you think you write differently on a blog than in a journal? I think I would keep my blog even if it was just for me. But then, I don't really keep a journal, so maybe that's why. But I really enjoy your blog posts. Plus, it is a good writing exercise, and you are a writer after all, right?

Sorry about your earrings and dvd player. I know nothing about your brother and what he has or what he likes or how much you are thinking about spending, but if he likes the outdoors/camping and doesn't have a headlamp, I think that is a really great idea. It is basically a flashlight you wear around your forehead. Costs about $30 for a nice one at REI - that is what I am getting for Paul's brother (whose name I drew).

I am also super thankful for audio books. I would be SO bored without them.

Oh, and I don't know how to get ahead financially either. Not that I have any room to complain, but we have had a couple of setbacks lately where we have had to replace tires, computers, etc. and even though I am thankful that we have been able to get the new things we needed, I was really hoping that we would finally be able to add a big chunk to savings instead. Oh well.

Denver's Dining Diva said...

Dear Heather, I love you & your blog. If you stop I will be very very bored. so don't stop. Loves

me said...

I read your blog. I hope you keep writing.

I don't know how people get ahead. I keep hoping it has something to do with making more than you need and putting a bunch in savings. And maybe investments? Sometimes it's hard to get to the point where you make more than you need, though.

Melissa Ann said...

I read your blog! It gives me much joy! Crazy dream! Have you seen Lost in Austin?

Camisetta said...

This is a hilarious post!!! Don't you dare take your blog off. Yours is one of the best thought out that I know of.

Jessica said...

You will hear from me if you quit blogging. Concider yourself warned.