Saturday, December 25, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

Kay, let me clarify first off that the previous post was meant to be funny. Sorry if it bummed a few people out. I suppose after re-reading it there were a few requests that were downers- but really it was meant to be silly and impossible. (Amy- I was at work so I couldn't take a nap- and I'm afraid if I show too much initiative with the Single Adults, I'll land myself in a calling I really, Really, REALLY don't want).

Anyway, I am more blessed than I deserve. Santa found me and -boy howdy- did he leave a stash! Hooo-ee! I wasn't expecting any of it (because I've told Santa several times not to get me anything because "he's" already done too much for me. I won't make a list of what I got because that would just be bragging.  But look for higher production of cakes from the Baker kitchen.

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