Friday, December 17, 2010

Inspoken Christmas Concert 2009

When I lived in Denver I was in an acapella (mostly) quartet called Inspoken with some friends.  I signed us up for the Littleton Stake Celebrate Christ which was for the whole community, all faiths and groups who wanted to perform for Christmas.  We practiced and practiced. We could hit every note and we sounded great in rehearsal.  Game Day came and I woke up with a sore throat- not good when you're supposed to be hitting a B flat above High C.  One girl went to the wrong church and so wasn't there for warm-ups. She walked in just as we were walking on stage.  We were a little discombobulated.  We'd performed together several times one song at a time- but it was our first (and only cuz I moved) concert.  So here it is for your enjoyment (or whatever)- warts, flat notes and all.

Oh, and a BIG FAT THANK YOU to Matthew Witt for recording and posting these on YouTube.

Inspoken in order of appearance-

Moi- on Soprano
Desiree Banka- on Alto
Dianne Nelson- on Bass (an octave up) and Descant
Kimberly Nuttall- on Tenor

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