Monday, November 22, 2010

My First Tutorial

I like reading other blogs and seeing the crafty cutesy things that others can do. I by no means feel that I am crafty or cutesy,  but I tried out a new cake technique and it turned out pretty awesome, so I thought I'd share my secret.

Shayla's zebra cake. Pretty simple, really.

For the zebra effect, take small rolled out snakes of black fondant and lay out a pattern over an unrolled slab of white fondant. (make sure you put in little "y's" because zebras don't have perfect stripes.)

Carefully roll out the fondant and the black wormy parts will moosh in with the white. If it doesn't stick it's because you have too much powdered sugar in between them. Just wipe it lightly with a wet paper towel to get it to glue together then roll it a little more.

To make the bow just cut out strips of fondant about an inch wide and 5 or 6 inches long. Curl them over and "glue" the ends with water. Pinch them off a little so they are tapered.  Let them dry out a little overnight and then use melted white chocolate as a glue to put your bow together.



Amy said...

Wow - that looks amazing! I have never tried using fondant, but I have also never really tried decorating a cake so much. Plus, don't you need a really smooth surface to roll the fondant on? All we have is tiled countertops and a grainy wood type table. This is the coolest cake you have done I think!

Camisetta said...

Ca-ute! What a crafty person you are...

I now have a followers link. :)

Vern said...

You are officially banned from nay-saying any crafty people!!!!