Monday, July 28, 2014

Have I told you today how much I hate online dating?

Not that anyone is keeping score- but I just thought I'd update you on the online dating (pa-tooie) situation. So... it turns out that when you sign up for the lame freebie sites, that they spam you with stuff in your message box to make you think that people actually want to talk to you. And lots of people set up fake sites to lure you to do stupid things- like give out your number. And the website itself sold my email address to all the most disgusting spammers that the Internet has to offer. So thanks for that.

Remember when I said guys were calling me beautiful and absolutely gorgeous and other such hyperboles? Well, they were not real. So the score for such compliments from men under the age of 60 (and over the age of 5) is still at zero (don't worry- I know I am amazing [and humble]... I'm just pointing out that no one has actually said those things to me).

I've deleted that particular profile. I'm still on the one I paid for. I'm really just waiting it out so my coworker will pay me back for doing it. That was the deal. If I get ONE date in the six months, he's off the hook. But I'm thinking so far I'm getting my money back. Plus I told him I was applying interest for pain and suffering.

So far though, anyone who has tried to talk to me- real or spam- has been a bit of a loser. Has the art of conversation been totally lost? Can no one form a coherent sentence anymore? Am I really just asking too much here?

What I think most of it boils down to- is that I don't seem to have anything in common with any of these guys. I like the outdoors, sure- but I'm not a camping, hiking, roughing it kind of gal- and that seems to be what they're all into. I'm not into hunting and cars. Are they really all into that? Or are they saying that because it makes them seem macho? Where are all the tall, smart, geeky guys who like to read and watch sci-fi (yet still shower regularly and can be in public without hyperventilating and having allergies to the sun). Maybe I really am asking too much here. I give up.

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