Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Elf

Hey- Merry Christmas everyone! Here are the fun antics of our little Elf that I promised you. It was nothing exciting- but the kid loved it- so she served her purpose! 

This was Day 1- We came home from Thanksgiving and found a wrapped gift on the porch- To: the Kid From: the North Pole

We all read the story together. The kid got to hug her and play with her. Then we put her up on the shelf and gave her a name and let the magic take over. Her name is Snowflake Elfin (she signed all her stuff S.E.)

Day 2 she had written on the mirror "Thank you for my name, I love it!"

Day 3 she delivered to the kid the Elf on the Shelf movie- of course she can't do it in a normal way- she had to show off her upside down skills. 

Even before the kid saw the movie, she wanted to thank her Elf and make her cookies (seriously- totally her idea). They are teeny tiny cookies about the size of a quarter with a tiny shot glass of milk. So freaking cute!

Day 4 So S.E. thanked the kid with a fun little message- plus, it had snowed that day and she wanted to play in "snow" too!

Day 5 She got pretty messy playing in the snow, so she had to take a bath. She even looped the kitchen hose around the cupboard so she could shower. Did you notice her little laundry hanging up on the line?

Day 6 She was silly and TPed the little Christmas tree in the Kid's room.

Day 7 S.E. left a sweet little message in the computer room.

Day 8 True to her name, she decorated the entry way with some snowflakes. The little note she left said she'd had her first scissors lesson-

She just wanted to show off her mad skills.

Day 9 We found her flying around the dining room with a little super hero costume on. I have video of her flying around- but for some reason I can't post it.

Day 10 I don't know what it is about elves and fishing in the potty- but S.E. tried her hand at it too. She even caught a goldfish!

Day 11 She found a few stray ornaments and tried to help us out with some tree decorating. Really, I think she just wanted to go for a ride on the peacock in the tree.

Day 12 She built a little snowman- but he kept melting, so she left a note for the Kid to please help her build the snowman again.

Day 13 S.E. decided to challenge Timothy Mouse to a game of Scrabble. Looks like a pretty even match to me!

Day 14 Our Elf showed off her new sewing skills! She made these jammies for the Kid.

Day 15 She built a little house out of the big legos and camped out on the hearth.  There was a little oopsy that night- the Kid was rolling around and rough housing. She accidentally kicked the elf. She was SO upset that she was going to lose her magic. She wrote a letter to S.E. and explained it was an accident- which it absolutely was.

Day 16 was a relief. We were afraid she wouldn't be able to go back to the North Pole, but she was able to- with the help of the neighbor's Elf, Aurora Trixie. The doctor elf fixed her up. Santa wasn't upset- and neither was S.E. because they knew it was a mistake. She just needed a day to rest and she'd be better.

Day 17 we found her surrounded by a crowd of critters reading them the Fancy Nancy Christmast story. Of course, it was all the pink dolls (which everyone knows are the prissiest of all)

Day 18 She was lounging with treats and hogging the remote control. She spent the entire day watching Disney Jr. Lazy elf.

Day 19 Apparently we have a clean elf, she wanted to take a shower.

Day 20 We found her in the family room playing with trains. I wonder if these are they kind they make at Santa's Workshop?

Day 21 She must have missed the cold, because we found her hanging out in the fridge.

Day 22 Just hanging out for a leisurely swing.

Day 23 She found a friend to hang out with- and a gingerbread decoration play house. Just getting ready for her rooftop ride.

Day 24 The last day. She left a note reminding the Kid of the real reason we celebrate Christmas and to try to be good the whole year round. She also left a sweet snow globe as a little something for the Kid to remember her by.

We had a lot of fun with our Elf this year. I'm sure she'll be back next year! Thank you Pinterest for all the great ideas! Maybe someday I'll be creative enough to think of something on my own. (there were a few that I thought of- but then I got on Pinterest and saw they they'd already been done... so I'm still not original)

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Way cute! Good work se! :-)