Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gingerbread 2013

Another gingerbread extravaganza has come and gone! That must mean Christmas is near!!!

Here's Shayla with her Christmas baseball game! snowmen in the bleachers and Santas versus Nutcrackers

Then there's Macy with her Santa Claus Resort. What says Christmas more than sun, sand and surfing?

Jessica with her mansion and Miss P with her mini mom-why-do-we-have-to-do-everything-your-way-I-want-my-own-house house.

Mr D and my sister Valeri did an angry bird house. He even drew a dragon in the yard (I haven't played enough angry birds to know where the dragon fits in- I have all the games- I don't play them, I just have them so I'll be the cool aunt they want to hang out with because she has awesome stuff on her iPad).

Sadie mad Club Santa, disco floor and speakers with a Santa DJ included!

No one else wanted to pose with their houses...

Mom's house.

My house.

The the one that I'm the most proud of:

And for the curious-  yes the houses are real honest-to-goodness-made-in-grandma's-kitchen-from-scratch gingerbread houses. It smells divine! (the TARDIS was a bit of a last minute thought though so it is graham crackers. See? See how easy that was? now YOU go make one!!!)

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