Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's a funny holiday

I have nothing against Valentine's Day. You'd think this being the screeching ground of a bitter harpy that there wouldn't be kind words about this holiday, but it's fine. I like it. I like the idea behind it. I like what it celebrates. It's just all in good fun- and any reason to OD on chocolate can't be a bad one.

But here are some jokes I feel I want to share for the occasion:

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
No one because it's Valentine's Day and they're all out on dates.
  • Hey! I just googled "Valentine's Day jokes" and my picture popped up!

 Q. Why did Bakeshow eat a bag of raisins?

A. Because she couldn't get any dates.

Roses are red
Valentine's Sucks
This poem makes no sense
Dump trucks.
Q. What is the difference between Bakeshow and a calendar?

A. A calendar has dates.

(PS, except for that last one, I made all of them up. Go ahead and tell me how funny I am now. No seriously... I need to feel validated.)

I stole this from cake wrecks. Bwahahahaha!


Amy said...

Okay, you seriously had me giggling with "dump trucks". Actually, I just guffawed while re-typing that word. You are hilarious.

Melissa Ann said...

Heather I think you are super funny! I always reread your post to people who don't know you and they love you too!