Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Status

Happy New Year's Eve. T'is the end of another year. Was it great? Was it crap? Eh- depended on the day. Here are some of my highlights according to Facebook Statuses (mostly they're the ones that amused me the most to re-read).


  • ‎12:00 came and went... and I forgot to toast the new year with my cream soda... because I was playing angry birds. I'm pretty sure that's an omen for how this year is going to play out.
  • Friday the 13th? my lucky day.
  • Holy cow! It's coming down in pre-formed snowballs!!!
  • 12:05am. "go to bed and get a decent night's sleep? oooooooor play angry birds till my eyeballs fall out? You're right... angry birds.
  • "I *have* to go purse shopping? Oh. The. HUMANITY!!!!"


  • "I can't taste anything... I should take advantage of this time by eating things that are good for me, but are gross.   Naaahhhh....
  • I dream full episodes of The Big Bang Theory.
  • When you live with the parents all you want to do is get the heck out... when you finally do- you never want your visits to end.
  • I must have taken two multi vitamins last night because I dreamed about being a super hero.
  • Tied for first in the family Oscar Competition!!! Woohoo!!!!


  • Tax returns filed. Can anyone say SHOPPING SPREE!!!???
  • After all these years I finally broke down and re-watched "Where the Heart is". It's still stupid.
  • I just saw an add to become a marriage therapist. I should totally do that. I have a perfect track record. I've never had ONE argument with my husband!
  • Twice this week I've eaten asparagus and lived to tell about it. Blahhhhh.....
  • "Sometimes I really really really really really really really hate electronics!!!" she said as she typed away on her laptop.
  • There's nothing like seeing a Broadway show (even if it's not technically ON Broadway) and topping off the night by running into an old friend! Good to see you Lisa, however briefly! :)


  • "Dear Spider in the Shower, Not cool, man. Not. Cool.
  • Wow. I`m the only one in the whole theater! No Titanic fans out there eh?
  • I finally broke down and watched Inception. Now I have no grasp on reality. Oh wait. That's not new.
  • It's such a beautiful day. Shame I have to spend it inside with people who think their sniffles are an emergency.


  • Spend it where you earn it" isn't as fun as it used to be.
  • I only work 4 days for the rest of the month. Bummer. [evil grin]
  • It's a three cookie day.
  • Do you need a break from modern livin? Do you long to shed your weary load? If your nerves are raw and your brain is fried just grab a friend and take a ride together upon the open road!
  • I've been looking forward to the solar eclipse for weeks- and then promptly forgot until it was nearly over. DOH!!!
  • DISNEYLAND!!! I may or may not have cried with joy at some point today.
  • I've decided in my next life I'm coming back as a Disney performer. That is my dream job. Sadly I learned that waaaaay too late in life.


  • Daily goals complete (mostly)! Let the first White Trash Drive-In of the summer BEGIN!
  • So there's this girl I know, she has a complete lack of self control. Good thing I don't know anything about that kind of stuff. (baked smores???)
  • I dreamed last night that my boss threw up on me. Any guesses at an interpretation?
  •  I laid awake half the night thinking, "is it time to get up yet?" Now that I'm up I can't help but think, "How long till bedtime?"
  • I had the best laugh of the year today when a fireman mistook one of the hospital chaplains for a Jedi.
  • I keep trying to think of a funny, clever post... but with all the lost homes and displaced people in my three favorite states... it's a little hard to think funny thoughts.


  • Today is one of those days it would be nice to have friends...
  • I kissed a frog and I liked it.
  • New Me Rule: No Pinterest before work.
  • Seven years ago today I flew into the city of my dreams and made memories and friends to last a lifetime! Oh heavens I'm homesick.
  • I had a very painful day. Please lodge sympathy and concern in the box provided below.
  • I'm a little weirded out by the frog in the kitchen... is it dead? is it undead...?
  • I spend a lot of time thinking how crappy my life is. So I get on FB and read all y'alls status updates and it makes me realize my life's not so bad. :-P
  • Would you like some cheese with that whine???"


  • I don't have to drink to forget. It comes naturally.
  • I try to be open minded and accepting... but synchronized swimming is the *dumbest* thing I've ever seen. Bring back softball!!!!!
  • I hear Chubbuck got blown over the rainbow. Say Hi to the Wizard for me (and bring me back a pair of shoes).
  • I think I say it best when I say nothing at all. :)
  • Dreamed of London again. So sad to wake up and not be there. sigh...
  • I park my car under an oak tree. I would further like to point out that acorn season is upon us. :(
  • Sitting in the dark and pouting at work. I never said I was mature.
  • Even the World's Best Peanut Butter Sandwich tastes gross when all you're craving is MEAT.
  • This weekend marks one year living in Salt Lake. How to celebrate? Leave town.
  • I miss going to school sometimes. Not today though. I dreamed I was back in high school. What a nightmare!
  • I tried yoga for the first time. Umm... Ow.
  • I can't think of anything right now that makes me smile quicker than seeing the little family of Quail that live in my neighborhood. :)


  • Today's goal: accomplish nothing. Check!
  • No fair for me this year. NO FAIR!!! {pouty face}
  • Sometimes I do really stupid things... like pick up overtime on my weekend off.
  • Every time I think I'm finally on the right track in life- someone throws the switch. Sigh...
  • A movie about writers that's set in Scotland AND stars David Tennant? Yes please. :)
  • I have an apple seed stuck in my throat. Not sure how I feel about that.
  • I have this overwhelming desire to use phrases like, "FANTASTIC!" "Allons y" and "Molto bene!" Can't imagine what's gotten into me...
  • I want to get away. I want to fly away


  • I have seen my future and there are no cupcakes.
  • I wish I could transport myself into a book. I'd much rather live in a book.
  • Uh oh... I just learned how to create my own posters for pinterest!There went the weekend.
  • I love speaking in church. But I've never wanted to speak on a topic less than the one I have to do tomorrow. Doing everything I can to avoid writing a talk...
  • I've already wasted half my day.. might as well waste the rest of it.
  • I caught up on three shows and played about 19 hours of angry birds. How did you spend YOUR afternoon off?
  • I'm bored and hungry... not a good combination.
  • I went to the grocery store for one thing. An hour and $50 later I walked out of the store... without the one thing I went in for. Gah!!!
  • I admit it. Sometimes I wear all black. And sometimes I get dressed in the dark. And *sometimes* my pants are on inside out. So what???


  • "There's a time to stand up and fight for what you believe in. And there's a time to join hands and work together- or all the fighting doesn't mean a thing." Who says you can't learn wisdom from Disney movies?
  • What do you do when you're sick? Easy, call into work and spend the day with The Doctor.
  • Miss Baker desires to know what you are all thinking. You may post one clever thing, two moderately clever things, or three very dull things indeed.
  • Dear man who fell off his roof today, There were 8 inches of snow. I have no sympathy for you- now fork over your copay.
  • I have learned the sure-fire way of never being invited to another Girls Night Out!
  • I'm giving SA firesides one last chance. If it's stupid I'm never going again.
  • We're keeping a tally at work to see which Thanksgiving hazard brings most people in. So far cut fingers are winning.
  • It's sad when you bring ice water home from work- and have to go back to work before the ice is even melted.
  • Dreamed of work all night. I should get overtime for that. :-(
  • I had two goals this weekend. One is already done and someone else is doing the other. If I'm lucky, this may be a very lazy weekend. :)


  • I dreamed I had a job interview in New York. I ran into a street gang and single handedly won a rumble using only words. No more West Side Story right before bed.
  • I have seen every Christmas light in this city tonight. Time for a bottle of headache meds and a long winter's nap.
  • I've lost my faith in humanity- which causes me to hate the whole wide world. Oh, by the way- Merry Christmas.
  • Since this world is such a bummer- I think I'll escape to Middle Earth today.
  • You know it's going to be a long day when you get your hair gel and toothpaste mixed up in the morning.
  • I just spent an hour watching a He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special with a six year old. If that doesn't earn me brownie points with Santa- I don't know what will. 
  •  I haven't looked outside yet today. Is the world still there? or is the light coming through the windows the flame of Armageddon?
  • We were all so worried about the Apocalypse that no one focused on the fact that we've passed the shortest day of the year! Bring on Summer!!!! :D
  • I'm not normally much of a morning person- but when you''re awakened by a six year old screaming that Santa came it's pretty hard not to be happy.
  • I broke my Mommy. :(
Let's hope that next year's updates are more exciting!

Happy New Year!

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