Sunday, December 2, 2012

Guess WHO is 16?

There are two people into Doctor Who in my family. Me (obviously) and my niece, Shayla (who credits herself with being the one to introduce me to the Doctor- though I've known of him for years... I just haven't watched it).

For her sixteenth (I know right? She's SIXTEEN!) birthday- I really, REALLY wanted to throw her a Dr Who themed party. The main obstacle? I could not be home for her birthday (which just so happened to fall on Thanksgiving). So with the help of my sisters we got her party planned. They put together all my ideas for her party so I can't really take credit for this stuff- just being the brains behind it all. Everyone else in the family just kind of went along with it even though they had no idea what any of it was even about.

She walked into the house through the Tardis door

and was greeted by this sign- which is reminiscent of the Dr Who logo.

Each person was given a fez and bow tie on a stick (because real ones are expensive- even cheap-o party ones), in reference to the 11th Doctor.

On her special spot, she had her own fez and bow tie to wear.

Her cake was a Tardis. I made the walls for it out of gum paste and sent them to Idaho with my Aunt and cousins who were traveling there for Thanksgiving. My mom baked the cake and assembled the Tardis. We had a little miscommunication about the dimensions of it. Oh well. And the blue of the Tardis walls was
supposed to look like wood grain- but it ended up looking more like I'd colored it with a crayon. again- oh well.

She was pretty excited- so I'm told.

Although, I'm pretty sure this is her "posed" happy face.

Everyone posed for pictures with her "wearing" their hats and bow ties.

Then there was much blowing out of candles and wishing and all the other fun things that come with being sixteen (PLEASE notice that the shirt she is wearing says "datable" bahahah!)
I was totally fine not going home for Thanksgiving. I love my family and all- but Thanksgiving isn't one of those holidays I just have to be home for (having never gone home for it while I lived in Colorado- and learning to make my own turkey dinner with other stray friends). I had to work- and I was doing fine until Shayla called me to tell me how much she loved her party. Then she said, "When I got here and saw all the Dr Who stuff I thought you'd come home to surprise me."

And that, my friends, is when I sat at my desk at work and bawled.

I'm SO sad I couldn't be there for her party- but I'm glad I got to be a part of it in at least some little way. Happy Birthday, Angel Baby.

Wait... that nickname takes on a whole new meaning these days doesn't it, Shayla.

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