Monday, March 19, 2012

Quick Visit

As soon as I got off work on Thursday I headed to Boise to see my brother and his family.  That was probably the best visit I've ever had there. We played a lot of Wii (I sucked before... and I remain the Sucketh Champion), and watched lots of movies.

On St Patrick's day I made everyone wear green (I had leprechaun boot socks and Travis said I was far too festive for my own good.) and a little leprechaun left us some Lucky Charms and rainbow of Skittles (I didn't get a picture of that. JaNeil did though... a little help?).

Donaven took a shine to me a lot faster than he usually does (he usually spends the first day or so scared of me) but I won his affection with Donald Duck cartoons on my Nook.

And Oren, well, I got to witness his first bite of rice cereal.

In it goes.

Out it comes.

He is just the smilin'est darn kid you'll ever see. Such a happy baby.

I played a lot of rounds of Five Crowns with JaNeil too. I kicked her trash a few times, she reciprocated, and there were a few that were really really close.

It was really sad to leave them today and drive back to reality. bleh.

But in TWO months we'll be headed to Disneyland! Woohoo!!!

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