Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finally! Something to look forward to!

So... I'm pretty hard up for good posts these days. Nothing exciting to mention.

Except for the fact that in the next three months some pretty exciting stuff is going to happen! (what? Bakeshow? are you saying you actually have something in your life worth looking forward to?)

Next week I'm going to Boise to see my baby nephews!!! (and their parents. Hi Trav. Hi JaNeil).

Then, in a few weeks the much awaited movie event of the year!!!!

Are you excited? eh? EH????

Also- the same day of this movie release (poor planning on my part... oh well) I have tickets to see

I'm going alone- but it's on my must see before I die list. (wait... does that mean I'm one step closer to dying?)

and have I mentioned that soon I'm going HERE??????

It's gonna be a long three months!