Monday, March 12, 2012

Whatcha Readin?

I got a Nook for Christmas (not that that encouraged my reading- if anything it's hindering it because now I spend a lot of time catapulting birds and popping rainbow colored bubbles) and I've gotten a few books. I haven't purchased many- because I'm cheap and I think it's silly to buy computerized books that I already own in the old fashioned format.  But I've gotten a bunch of free stuff. Classic stuff.

I also listen to books during my car time. I'd rather do that than listen to the crap on the radio. So I've gone through a lot of books lately.

Just in the last few months I've read:

Seriously. Chapter 23. I want to die and live in that chapter.

This one took me a while to get through- but that doesn't mean I love it any less.

Any true Austen fan (and Colin Firth fan) needs to read this. 

I just finished this today. I will probably read it again someday.

I've read all these before- but they're good enough to read more than once.

This one isn't my favorite of the series- but because it's in the middle... ya know...

This one is probably my favorite of the series. There is also a fourth book called Forest Born, but the library doesn't have it on audiobook yet, and I already own a copy that is packed away in my parent's garage so I refuse to pay more money for a Nook copy... so it will be a while before I get to it again.

I love. Love. LOVE this book.

Obviously I've been on a bit of a Shannon Hale kick lately- but to be honest, I've never met a Shannon Hale book I didn't like. I think the only books of hers I've never read are her graphic novel ones. I really don't have a desire to read them. Maybe someday. Probably not.

Today I started back in on the Anne series- I have all of them now so I have no excueses to not read them.


Amy said...

Have I said anything to you about the Bloody Jack series? They are a MUST listen series. For reals, you will be in heaven. Trust me.

Melissa Ann said...

I Shannon Hales also! I haven't read the last book though!I have read a lot of historical fiction lately dealing with Austria in the 1920s and 1930s! i don't know the author though but it is the same one as Countess Under the Stairs!