Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Many Faces of Edward Rochester

Orson Welles

This is a great version- not my favorite, but good. It's missing a TON of the story- and there is a lot rearranged. I understand that Hollywood can't do word for word and that concessions must be made- but a real purist would not adore this one. Mr Welles is a fantastic Edward, although perhaps a bit too handsome.  He is sullen and broody enough though to pull off an angry, heartbroken man.

Ciaran Hinds

It's no secret. He's my favorite.  It's not the most accurate version- and it is notorious for having the world's worst onscreen kiss, but I love him. I love him. I love him!

Michael Fassbender

This is the newest version. I love this one- but again, still not perfect. I don't think there is a *perfect* to-the-book version out there. I have only seen this one once so it's difficult for me to remember what stood out to me. I just remember I liked it. But once again- he's a tad too handsome... and perhaps a bit young.

But this scene??? I die....

Timothy Dalton

Also a bit too handsome, but I like this version. This is the most complete version I've seen. It's not 100% true to the book, but there are things in this one that other versions omit. This is the only version I've seen so far that goes into St John River's love background, and one of the few that is accurate with Jane's fortune and generosity. Mr Dalton is a fantastic Mr R. sufficiently hostile and tormented. In this version they show Edward waiting outside Jane's room after the wedding... and it has the best parting scene of any other version. He's quite a contender for my favorite Edward- due to this scene. Mmmm..... How she resists I'll never know.

 Toby Stephens

I think this was the first version of Jane Eyre that I ever saw- so naturally I like it. But it's been so long since then that I've forgotten the things I love most.  But the proposal scene is swoon worthy.

William Hurt

This is one of my other favorites. Like I've already said though, none of the versions are perfect- but I really like this one. I love William as Mr R- but I think my favorite part of this version is Jane's back story. It has Anna Paquin as young Jane- and they cover some of the things and Lowood that are often left out- such as the hair cutting. But this end scene is so touching that I just fall for him every time. Sigh...

I know there are several more versions out there- and none yet have I seen that I consider a "perfect adaptation" although, that may be a contradiction of terms. Of course I would want a version that is nearly word for word to the book... I might have to write it myself. Hmmm....


Melissa Ann said...

I really want to read this book now! I have never read it!

Bakeshow said...

DO!!!! Read it and weep! I did- especially at chapter 23. sigh...