Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I learned the last two days

1. That I want to marry my bed. I love my bed. I miss my bed.

2. The antiques displays at the fair never change. I mean NEVER! and the same people win every year. Also, it would be nice if they would put the year on the items so we'd know just how antique they are.
3. I should enter stuff in the Fair- because my cakes and amateur photos are just as good as theirs (in my unprofessional opinion).

4. My brother can do an uncanny imitation of my voice- well enough that even his own daughter thought she was talking to me on the phone...  (Ummm... does this mean I sound like a man doing a falsetto voice?)

5. Snow White could have totally happened.  I choked on an apple at the fair. There was a handsome "prince" but I'm pretty sure he was already married and 21 years old.... plus, he didn't offer a kiss, only a drink of water. I'll take what I can get, I guess.

PS- I saw this guy do this trick in real life (apparently he went from America's biggest stage to... uhhh... well, the free stage at the Eastern Idaho State Fair).

I recognized him from last season's show and was grossly intrigued by him so I made my sister sit and watch for a while.  I will say, he has a rather slow stage presence... but I- for the life of me- do not know how he does that lifesaver thing.  Well done, creepy magic guy, well done.

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Jill said...

You Totally need to enter the fair. I love your cakes. Actually just send me your cakes, I will eat them, and then send you a ribbon.