Monday, September 26, 2011

A Day Off in the Life of Me

People are constantly coming up to me on the streets, and the stores asking, "Bakeshow, how is that you spend your time? What do you do all day?"

ummm... ok. That's not *entirely* true.

Ok, it's not true at all.

But the following is a true account of how I spent this particular day off, which, sad to say- was one of the more exciting days off I've had since I moved here (date night excluded).

Wake up around 8:30 push snooze.

Wake up again around

yes this is really the clock in my room. like the doily?

Proceed to freak out that I'm going to be late for work- remember it's my day off and lay there till I go back to sleep, have weird dreams and finally wake up with a headache around 10:00.

Shower. Then leisurely lay around in my robe until someone knocks on the front door- throw on the first clothes my hands touch to run to the door and let my aunt in (she locked herself out!)

Blog. Stalk. My. Friends.

Go grocery shopping/exploring.

I actually took this photo. I was trying to give my friend reasons to visit me.

I was not considering purchasing these, but I did carry them around to use as a weapon just in case (West Valley is Ga-hetto!).

Get my very own library card!!!!!! {{{highlight!}}}

bad hair day, thank you.

Drive around until I can find a classy place for dinner.

"Well, we dream on a budget here, don't we?" Name the movie!

Read outside until the sun goes down.

Then catch up on my shows now that I know how to work the OnDemand feature.

Then I got really, really excited when the book that my mother mailed to me TWO WEEKS AGO finally arrived (I accidentally left my library book at home last time I visited.) Seriously, the Pony Express could have gotten it here faster.

And that, my friends is how I spent my day.

Riveting, right?


dedesmith32 said...

You COULD come to Orem and visit me. :) Not that I would be that much more exciting....but its something to do!

Vern said...

I can't decide which is my favorite, the nutella or the shoes.

Who am I kidding? Nutella all the way.