Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clearly I need to wash my eyes out with bleach after work

You know, working in a hospital you think you'd come across some things now and then... well... ok, let me start over....

There is a reason I did not go into the "medical field."

"But Bakeshow," you say, "don't you work in a hospital?"

Why yes, avid blog reader, I do. But I'm not on the clinical side, I do the clerical stuff. I get the paperwork moving and take money from people. Sometimes their last six dollars.

I didn't go into a profession that deals with the gooey-ness that comes along with being human. Ew. I don't do well with slime, and I do *not* want to see nekkedness. I would like to say it's because I'm soooo innocent... but it probably boils down to basic immaturity.  (I still chant I see London I see France... sometimes).

Over the last year, I've seen my fair share of... whatever people don't cover up, but it seems that in the last month- people are doing everything they can to give me anatomy lessons.

I was going to go into detail... but I'm actually hoping that someday I can block the mental images. Especially the ones that were burned into my head today.  And it's not that I'm just walking in on them- today a nurse told me it was ok to come in the room... yeah... the phrase, "oh, we're all girls" doesn't mean a thing in some cases... And then when I knock on the door and no one says, "hang on a minute..." I'm gonna assume it's ok to come in... I just... ugh...

And Mr. I Practically Sawed My Arm Off At Home But I'm Just Going To Let It Bleed Openly While You Take My Address Info, Thanks. I didn't really like what I had for lunch anyway.

If ever there was a day to start drinking... today might have been a contender.


Camisetta said...

Ewww that's gross... And just cuz the nurse says it's ok to come in cuz you're "all girls," doesn't necessarily mean the patient is ok with that. Gee.

Bakeshow said...

Let me clarify... The nurse didn't say "it's ok cuz we're all girls," that was just kind of her attitude. I hope HOPE she would not have just invited in a male registrar. If I'd been the patient either way, I'd've been pissed.

Melissa Ann said...

This is funny!

Jessica said...

i wish i had something pithy to say about the human condition & its glory, but let's be honest. people are totally gross sometimes. i've seen more than my share of nekked. no one ought to see how wrinkled their backside will be in the future. no one.