Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm not one for super religious-y posts. But today you get a semi religion oriented post.


I was off work yesterday. I had worked till 2 am, then got up, got ready and headed to church. I thought it was going to be stake conference- but it was just a special meeting because they were combining two stakes together and redrawing ward boundaries.


But, I was there, so I stayed....... for most of it.

Because it was two stakes, they had Internet feed from the live session over into the other building. I got "the other building." No biggie. I'm a Mormon. I know what it's like to watch church on TV occasionally.  But this was not closed circuit TV. It was web cam. So the sound was awful. When I walked in and heard the prelude music, I honestly thought someone was playing the hymns on steel drums. In Utah? Whatever floats your boat. But that's just what the organ sounded like over the computer and into the sound system. The picture was jumpy at best and half the time I thought I was listening to Charlie Brown's teacher (mwaa   mwwa mwwaa waaaa) but still- I persevered.

Then they lost feed.

People were talking at full voice- not whispering at all- even when they got the program running again. Kids were running around screaming and parents were doing nothing about it. Why should they? It wasn't a "real" meeting? There was no speaker present to be disrupted. [Really people?]  So as soon as they passed out maps and said which wards meet where and when, I was outta there.

Still feeling like I needed something of a normal Sunday- I was too late to go to another building's 11:00 meeting and I wasn't gonna wait around till 1:00, I went here.

I found more peace just sitting in the parking lot and reading my scriptures than I did that horribly chaotic meeting. I understand those meetings need to be had- and I'm all for organizing and rearranging, (of course I am! It means growth!!!) but I've only lived here a few weeks. I barely know what ward I'm in as it is. I don't care if it gets moved around. Nothings really changed for me either way.

Between work and general conference, it will be the middle of October before I get to go to a real block program for church. They have a short sacrament meeting at the hospital- maybe I'll try to get to one of those.

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me said...

That reminds me of the broadcast we watched in the mission after 9-11 - we had investigators at the chapel and it was *horrible.* Super sketchy sound and picture, and they eventually cut it off about halfway through. We sang a few hymns and called it quits. One of the members who had brought a friend was pretty annoyed. Ah well...