Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's in a Dream?

I go through spurts of having dreams I can't remember and dreams that are so vivid that I can't forget them no matter how hard I try.  In the last few days these things have popped up in my dreams:

My teeth were crumbling and falling out. I eventually ended up carrying them in a plastic bag. I was waiting for a dentist to reattach them (which apparently means I am self conscious about my appearance).

Tidal Wave that was not getting closer [at first] but just rolling over and over- higher than the buildings in the not so distant city (which apparently means I'm ready to make a new start).

A great white shark that flew out of the tidal wave and up to my front yard landing on the grass and skidding till it was inches away from me and nearly killing me (which apparently means I have feelings of anger and hostility, undergoing a long and difficult emotional period).

Several windows of different shapes and sizes. When the tidal wave started to move, I ran through the house closing all the windows so the water wouldn't get into the house (which apparently means I have bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight- or because I was shutting the windows it could mean I feel deserted and abandoned... or that I was doing the abandoning).

A room full of my old, broken toys. They were dust covered and I was shocked that they were even still in the house (which apparently means I am trying to make the best out of a negative situation).

A huge warehouse filled with things that my parents had stored up for years and never shared with us [such as boxes and boxes of brand new unopened T-Fal cookware] (which apparently means I have stored energy or hidden resources. It could also means I'm putting my ambitions on hold).

[new dream]

Having friends who are Celebrities. Just hanging out and chatting (which apparently means I want to escape from my own reality and live the high life- hahahah! who doesn't?) .

They had to go to make an appearance somewhere and because we'd been talking too long they had to take a helicopter to get there in time. (which apparently means I am in pursuit of my goals and ambitions)

 There was more to that dream- but I was awakened suddenly by a text message- and most of the dream slipped away from me before I could rehash it in my head and solidify the storyline.

I got all of my "interpretations" from the Dream Dictionary. I don't know if I exactly buy it because some of the explanations are pretty vague, but still, it makes for interesting conversation.  I would love to go to a psychotherapist and have him/her tell me what is going on inside my head.


Heather said...

Interesting......You and you dreams! ;) The teeth part....I have that dream every time I'm pregnant BEFORE I know I am. (I'm not now!) I was told it means change is coming.......

Melissa said...

That is awesome. :) I would say it is pretty on target, for the most part (for as much as I know about you)...I love interpreting dreams! I used to own a dream dictionary, actually...haha. :)

Jessica said...

Quit blog-stalking yourself :) I'm about to go to the Dream Dictionary... I may return scarred for life.