Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here's your sign

I could have sworn I blogged it- but I can't find it. Maybe it was just a Facebook update... but last year when I moved from Colorado to Idaho- just as I pulled up into my parent's driveway, a bright, beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky.  It was one of the brightest rainbows I'd seen in a long time.  Anyway, I took it as a reassuring hug from my Heavenly Father that the move- although I fought it tooth and nail- was good for me.

Today, as I was driving my car load of crap to Utah- again, there was a bright beautiful rainbow.  It was out in the middle of nowhere so I could see the end of it (no gold...) and it was so bright and beautiful.  I am not normally a "sign seeker" but I take it as one of those little blessings just meant for me.

my picture didn't turn out this well... plus I was driving... so I stole this.

I feel really good about this move. It's been so nice to be near my family. I'll my my niecephews like crazy- but I'm much closer this time so I can see them more often, and they're much more likely to come visit me here. I didn't mean to make friends, but I'll miss them. Darn you co-workers! Why did you have to be so awesome!? Not to mention the people I already loved and got to spend a little time with.

The last day at EIRMC was good. I cried a little. There was a running joke about my being a princess (hey, I was excited about the Royal Wedding... sheesh!) so my co-workers made me a paper plate crown to wear.  They threw me a going away potluck lunch (amazing  chicken salad- and best non-home baked cookies ever!)  Then as friends trickled out after their shifts, I was left alone in the front admissions to cry in the dark.  When I composed myself, I logged off for the last time and locked the door behind me.  I loved working there. I can only pray that my new job will be half as good. I hit the lottery in awesome colleagues.

When I got home, I walked in to a surprise Luau.  (blast it all! I didn't get pictures!!!!) I hadn't been treating this move like it was a very big deal- I'm not moving very far... but my family is either going to actually miss me- or they just needed a reason to party.  :) but the house was all decked out. It was awesome. And we got to eat Hawaiian haystacks. [singing] Heaven!!!

Today I procrastinated as much as I possibly could, watching episodes of American Ninja Warrior (what? I have a friend on that show!) and I finally pulled out of town around 7 pm.  I'm here now. I'm on my Aunt's computer until we can figure out a router and get wifi.

But I'm here.

And I think I will survive.

I start my new ward tomorrow.

Heaven help them.

They have a some big Piney Creek shoes to fill-

and they don't even know it.


Melissa said...

I'm so excited for your move!! I am actually happy I didn't cry in front of you :) When you gave me that awesome hug, I was about to loose it. You will be missed, but like you said your sign arrived!! Congratulations on your move, your co workers have some pretty big shoes to fill too. Tell everyone at St. Marks that EIRMC says "Howdy from the spuds"

Camisetta said...

Awe! You made it! I hope everything is awesome and you enjoy yourself in Utah! We DEFINITELY have to come visit you!