Monday, May 30, 2011

Celebrity Lunch Date 2

Before I say anything, I just want to look at the next person on my list...

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Mmmm.... Cirain Hinds.... soooo dreamy! I would have a lovely lunch with him, I'm sure, once I got over listening to his marvelous voice and staring at his furrowed brow.  He would be so interesting to talk to. He's done so much and been to so many places that I could listen to him talk forever and not get bored.

I first decided I love him when I saw him in Jane Eyre. He is the most amazing Mr Rochester (who, by the way, I am incredibly in love with. If I could bring fiction to life, it would be Edward Rochester).
photo shamelessly stolen from here

Granted, he is one half of the world's worst on-screen kiss in this movie, but still, the pain he feels when Jane is leaving- how much he loves her. Brilliant!

He makes up for it, plus some as Captain Wentworth in Persuasion.

photo shamelessly stolen from here

Oh. My. Gosh. I absolutely love him. I'd not read Persuasion before I saw the movie. And when I finally did read it, I saw him in the role. I *wanted* him in the roll. Such a constant, wonderful man (I also wouldn't mind having a Frederick Wentworth if I can't have a Mr Rochester).

But despite his incredibly romantic roles, I think he would just be so fascinating to listen to. I wouldn't say to *talk* to, because I doubt there is anything I would have to say that he would be interested in, but that's ok. I'm content to listen to him.

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