Monday, February 14, 2011

That's a Nice Story, Grandma: Valentine Edition

Love Comes in a Box

I was trying to think up a good topic for my FAVORITE holiday (sense the tone) ever. I'd decided I wanted to write about when I was a kid and made boxes for Valentine's Day in elementary.  Then I read my friend's blog and realized that she, too had the same idea and beat me to it. So I guess it will seem like I'm copying her. Oh well.

When I was in school I *loved* Valentine's Day. It meant that I got to make a box- which I always thought I had the best box in my class. Often I won the teacher's choice award. The two boxes that stand out the most in my memory (oh how I wish I had pictures of them) were my mailbox covered in hearts and crepe paper. I felt I was totally revolutionary in making a box shaped like a mail box. Everyone else just had shoe boxes with hearts glued to them. Laaaaaame. So my box won the prize. Some time later, I had to keep up my reputation as the one with the best boxes and we came up with the idea of a hot air balloon. Seriously- coolest ever. It wasn't really a box. We took a hanging basket and decorated it, then with dowels we attached a balloon to it. Oh my gosh, it was so awesome. You don't even know.

I always thought it was so much fun to give and receive little valentines. I was always choosy about what message got sent to whom. Heaven forbid I send a "Be Mine" to the boy I didn't like. Oh no, that boy would get the, "Let's be friends" generic card. I always went store bought. No one would have appreciated home made anyway.

When I was a kid the Cupid would come and leave things for us on the porch. Every year I tried to catch him, but he was a slippery devil.  We always got chocolates or conversation hearts or something. It wasn't till MUCH later that I realized it was my parents. I think it was the year I caught my older sister. That's what's fun about being one of the youngest; the magic lasts longer.

It's been years since I've done anything really creative on heart's day. Whilst in Denver I hosted chocolate parties where we ate everything chocolate or chocolate covered- and even watched movies about chocolate. I don't begrudge lover's their holiday. Hell, if I had someone to share it with, I totally would. My tradition before Denver was to watch the movie IQ with Meg Ryan while eating popcorn and Valentine M&M's

This year I get to work on Valentine's Day. No biggie. I'd rather be the one working and let someone who wants to share it with someone have it off. But today, I got to be part of something special. My niece, Macy asked for help on her box for school. It was her idea and her execution. I was just there to run the glue gun and offer a few minor suggestions. But I'm pretty sure this is the cutest school Valentine box ever.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I hope your day is filled with love and Cupid's (cuz nobody likes regular old flying dwarves).


Paul & Amy said...

BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love that we posted about the same topic! And I love that you were into making Valentine's boxes too! The giraffe box is amazing, btw.

Camie Marie said...

I LOVE the box. And...I actually think I remember the hot air balloon thing. I probably wished I was more like you. ;)