Thursday, February 3, 2011

Non-Contest Winner: Cindy

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I've heard that's a creepy movie... I just thought I'd bring it up. No particular reason.

Anyway, before I delve into my memories of Cindy- I need to explain something. I used to be able to blog at work during the slow times. But now for some reason I cannot access my dashboard on the computer at work so I can't work on my blog. This being said, the whole purpose of the contest was to give me something to do whilst bored at work. I still intend to follow through with my promise to write about all of my contestants- it just may take longer than I had planned to go through all of you. And they may not be as lengthy as they might have been.

Back to Cindy.

I met Cindy a handful of years back when she graduated and joined the 10th ward.  She was an enthusiastic addition to our ward. I had never really met her- but I knew who she was because I've known her family for years.  I graduated with one of her sisters, was in a different singles ward with a couple of her sisters and I was visiting teaching partners with a sister too (they have a lot of sisters in that family).  Plus we somehow found out that we're related. I forget how.

The phrase that always brings Cindy bounding to my mind is "Party in my Pants."

Ok, let me explain that (although Cindy needs no explanation).  A few years ago for a pre-camp activity, we made pajama pants. I was trying to make mine a little bigger than the pattern (I almost typed recipe) to fit my giant arse.  I decided three inches ought to do it. And it probably would have.  But when you add three inches to all four parts that you cut- you add 12 inches! Those suckers were HUGE! I'm by no means a small person, but those pants were hilarious.  I wore them to a sleepover-ish type party at Cindy's house (although I don't think I actually spent the night).  We were watching... I wanna say Phantom of the Opera and talking about my gigantic celebrity crush on Gerard Butler. I can't remember the exact conversation- but it had something to do with Gerard Butler joining me for a party in my pants. It sounds worse than it was. I promise I didn't mean it that way. It was a rated G conversation. I just don't know how to explain it without it sounding awful.  Cindy can clarify on her blog if she wants.

Anyway, with that embarrassing story out of the way...

She was a religious attender to White Trash Drive In (my summertime tradition). I always knew even if nobody else showed up, Cindy would. It was there that we learned that we were the only two people in the world who loved The Court Jester and other random no-one-under-50-has-heard-of-them movies (OK, Melissa, you too).

Cindy is always up for a musical- and can catch references that no one else ever catches (see the new years blog post- I don't feel like linking to it).  I love inserting random movie quotes in everyday conversation. Some people think I'm really clever for having come up with the saying- or think I'm crazy. But rarely do they recognize what it's from. Nine times out of Ten Cindy knows what I'm referencing.  I'm trying to think what our most quoted movie is... I guess it goes in spurts but at last count, it would have to be Willy Wonka (the Johnny Depp one). We both kinda count it as "our movie." I always think of Cindy when I watch it.

Harry Potter. How have I made it this far into the blog without mentioning Harry Potter? I've never known anyone who is more of a fanatic about ol' HP than Cindy. I mean, I'm a fan. I've read all the books several times and seen all the movies. I'm a member of mugglenet and keep tabs on movie info on IMDB, but I am no where *near* the level of fandom of Cindy.  It was super fun to have a HP marathon a while back. I made Dragon Eggs and Butterbeer. And when I went to the most recent movie midnight release- Cindy was there (not with me- but I talked to her in line). If there is ever a trivia question that you can't think of the answer to- ask Cindy. I'd bet my last galleon that she knows the answer.

In college we had a class or two together. I was a Mass Comm minor and (I believe) that was her major. We sat next to each other in one snoozefest of a class- that I don't even remember although I'm sure she does and we were both into photography. She stuck with it longer than me. I had to sell my camera (it was an awesome camera- and I learned how to develop my own film and do my own exposures... sigh... I loved that class).

I'm sure there are so many more memories of Cindy floating around in my head- but blogging in my dungeon bedroom really kills my Muse. Maybe as I think of things I'll randomly throw them on my blog. Keep a keen eye out Cindy. Because the best kind of prize is a Sur-prize!  :)

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Cindy Lou said...

Thanks so much H-Bake! It was a perfect post, especially the title ;) (And the class was Intro to Mass Media. Pauline Thiros taught it. I somehow remember that she was obsessed with Celine Dion.)