Monday, January 24, 2011

Pain In The...

Sometimes I come up with really good blog post titles- but then when I start to write it, the post is really stupid. But I still like the title. I do that with books too. I come up with an awesome title and think, "Oooooohhhh..... I should write a book about that." and it shouldn't be that way. It should be the other way around.

Anyway, the point of this whole blog is to tell you that I. Am. In. Pain. Yesterday, I pinched a nerve in my back. I've never done that before. I have one word for you.


I've never felt pain to this extent. I cried half the night at work but refused to go home and refused to check myself in. Money. It's my number one concern right now. They say it doesn't bring you happiness- but it doesn't automatically depress me either.

I'm leaning towards keeping the car. I just need to talk to some insurance folks. That will be the deciding factor.  I'll keep you posted- if I find time between drug doses and my heating pad timer.

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Jessica said...

Boo... Feel better dahling!