Monday, January 17, 2011


Sunday, January 16, 2011 a good friend passed from this life.  Kermit the Car passed peacefully after a brief illness at exit 93 in Blackfoot, Idaho.  Kermit (Kermie, to his loved ones) was a source of joy to his friend, Heather.  They met in 2004 on a random car lot in Pocatello.  She took him home, named him, loved him and did everything she could to care for him, even in his already rather rickety state.   He had over 60,000 miles on him, but over the next six years together they added another 60,000 making several trips to Utah, moving to and from Aurora, Colorado, several trips to Colorado Springs and Denver. As well as commuting an hour each way almost five days a week for the last four months of his life.

Kermie was adorned with frog paraphernalia to help him feel at home and among friends. He was often filled with stuffed frogs that Heather had received from nieces. He was the shelter for many, many chats with friends. He knew all Heather's secrets and several secrets of her friends.  Kermie was there for her when friends would move away.  Together Heather and Kermie would take long drives and cry out the sad times.  He was there when Heather was angry and needed to run away.

In December, 2007 Kermie was in the most serious accident Heather had ever been involved in. She was not hurt, thankfully, but the same could not be said for Kermie.  Heather was on her way to pick up a friend in a snow storm when she slid off the road, hit Kermie's tire parallel to the curb and ripped the wheel off. Heather was afraid then that Kermie's time was at an end, but the Doctors at M&M in Aurora were able to fix him up and keep the medical bills at a surprising low. 

There have been a few doctor bills along the way, but Heather did her best to keep him in good repair, knowing how much they relied on each other.  Kermie needed her to keep him healthy, Heather needed him to get her to work and play.

Kermie wasn't always the cleanest car, but he was well loved.  He read all the same books heather read and took lunch break naps with her nearly every work day. He was a good car.  He will be very missed by his loved ones. He was 13 years old.


Amy said...

Oh gosh Bakeshow. I can't decide whether this is hilarious or sad. You crack me up.

Camisetta said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. Please accept my condolences. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

So sad! Think of the fun you can have test driving new cars! Julie