Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Sensing a Theme

I've gotten myself into a very bad habit. Every night before I go to sleep I like to watch a show- be it a movie or a couple episodes of whatever show I can find on Netflix. I've run out of TV shows on there so I've graduated to movies- which means I stay up later because I start them late and I rarely have the gumption to stop a movie half-way through.

Anyway, last night I was browsing the "Feel Good" movie section of Netflix and came across a childhood favorite.

Super cheesy, I know, but still... I've always been fond of the the Frog Prince story. When it was over, it was still "early" (barely midnight) so I looked for another movie.  I came across this one:

I saw it when it came out in the theaters. It wasn't my favorite, but I thought it would be fun to theme my night (little did I realize what I was starting). While I watched the movie I was mucking up my room a little. As I was hanging clothes up and looking for something, I was rummaging through my sock drawer and came across this:

He makes kissy noises when you squeeze him. So I kissed him and set him on my nightstand. Then, when I crawled onto my bed to watch the rest of the movie, I grabbed a pillow- the little friend I sleep with every night. This guy:

It just struck me as funny.  After the movie (the only Disney movie that I'm not really a fan of, which is a shame because like I said, I love the story of the Frog Prince)  Anyway, my theme inadvertently carried into today when I got up and got dressed. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and pick a pair of socks so that they all have a fair chance to be worn.  Today I nearly died laughing when I opened my eyes and saw the pair of socks I chose.

I wonder what the universe is trying to tell me...?

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