Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snow Day

Let's get this out in the open first. I loath winter. Especially now that I have a 45 minute commute across wind swept farm land and blows snow around creating treacherous conditions.

But today- today was awesome. It was snowing snowballs. I mean it- the flakes were all stuck together and it was coming down in preformed snowballs. My sister brought her kids over to hang out while she helped my mom. Dallin wanted to play in the snow... I thought for the first time in *years* that I wanted to too! I put on my snow boots and a sweatshirt (my coat is still in a box somewhere).  Sadie even got in on the action and came up with some snow gear. I haven't had that much fun playing in the snow in forever.

We built a snowman and made snow angels.  I dragged Dallin around on the sled and he *tried* to drag me. I knew he wouldn't be able to- but he insisted so I let him try. It was hilarious.  We even had a good old fashioned snowball fight.  (Sadie can only hit about one in ten- but she always makes that one count.  She got me in the head almost every time she hit me.) 

Then it was inside for homemade soup and hot homemade bread!  Not a bad beginning to winter.

It got worse. I sang Christmas songs all day and even popped in the Grinch for the kids (right, the kids- not me.) Our tree is up but not decorated. If I'm not careful I may start getting in the Holiday mood before Thanksgiving this year.

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Camisetta said...

Haha - snowing snowballs! And you're wearing a JACKET in this FREEZING weather??? Oh my word.