Monday, November 8, 2010

.0003 Seconds of Fame

Dear Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,

Hi, I don't know if you remember me, but I was one of the zillions of Pocatello-ans standing in a crowded, sun-stroked group of screaming idiots on your visit to my hometown (area).  If you don't remember me by name, then perhaps you can re-watch tonight's episode. About 45 minutes into the show, just after the family pulls up to the house in the limo, you scanned the crowd.  I'm the gigantic fuzzy blob of white that's waving (but not looking at the camera because I was forbidden and threatened that if I did, I would not be on the show).

I would like to thank you for my first Hollywood exposure tonight (as well as a possible exposure to skin cancer).  I waited long and terrible hours for that split second of TV time.


Amy said...

That is AWESOME! I wish I had seen it. How did you think the house turned out?

Bakeshow said...

You can always watch it on Hulu.

I think it's pretty spectacular. The outside of it- which is all I've personally seen- is beautiful. The inside has a lot of crazy amenities that I would never have thought of to put in a house, but the family seemed to think they were awesome. The bummer thing is- they are contracted that they can't change anything for five years. So that hideous teal paint on the wall? Yeah, it has to stay there. And the little girls who won't be little girls in five years will have a little girl room for a long time.