Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't Go There

One of my nieces asked me today if I thought I would ever get married and have kids.  I sat and thought about a nice way of saying, "heck no"  (I try to filter for the G rated crowd) but there was no way to put it nicely.  I try to be a good example to my littles, but I also feel that honesty is the best policy.  I have no idea whatsoever how to be in a healthy, functioning relationship.

When she asked me why, I told her I couldn't imagine wanting to be around someone everyday forever.   I honestly can't get my mind around the concept.  She told me I should get online and look.  HA! That idea got shot down before she'd even put the period on her sentence.  It's all well and good for those who choose to do it, but it's not my style.  I have no interest whatsoever in finding a mate via technology *shudder*.

***this is just a musing- not a cry for help or fishing for encouragement.  I promise.***


Amy said...

That is funny that she would recommend going online. I wonder if anyone put her up to that? How old is she?

Grafulas said...

I'm sure you already know my husband and I met online, but we didn't do it on purpose. Lots of people will start telling us about how great online dating is when they find out that's how we met, but I very blatantly shut it down. There are more horror stories than success stories by FAR. Besides, as a writer, I'd think taking out a personal ad would be more your style, haha! Sorry...couldn't help myself :)

ZAC said...

I love you. I miss you. Let me know when you find you want to spend more than 8 hours with the same man. Besides, you have commited yourself to a religion that requires sacrifice-----I trust you could commit yourself to a person whom you love. ;)