Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big City Life

Who says Pocatello isn't a happenin' place? Oh, it was me... yeah, well, I was wrong I guess.  A lot of really exciting things have happened since I moved here.

First thing- the stairway light burned out.  No really, this is an exciting thing. For years the light was burned out.  Occasionally I would replace the bulb; A. because I was the only one in the family who could reach it- I'm related to a bunch of runts- and B. there was no fixture cover on it so it was easy.  Anyway, so the thing that makes this all exciting, is the fact that my parent's recently remodeled and in that remodel they covered that light fixture and it's worked just fine.  I move in and Poof! Two days later the bulb burns out. I'm still the only one tall enough to fix it, but now I can't get to it without taking off the fixture and I'm afraid I'll break it. So I get to descend in the dark every night, fearing for my life.

Second thing- I got 97% of my clothes in my closet. This is quite a feat considering for the last three years I've had a walk in closet that was full to the brim. Of course, I still have stuff in my laundry bags, but if I just ignore it, then I'll be fine.

Third thing- I have picked right up where I left off when I moved away from Idaho- with my addiction to Project Runway.  Don't call me on Thursday nights.  I'm busy.

Fourth thing- I get here and shortly after, it's announced that Extreme Makeover Home Edition is coming to town.  I had slight inside information from a very reliable source as to which lucky family was going to get a new house so I forgot to act surprised when it was officially announced.  Now I hear reports of Ty Pennington sightings and friends trying to break through security (She was just trying to do her visiting teaching.  She just happens to visit teach the lady who lives two houses away from the project). And one has to wonder why ISU's orchestra showed up to play while the house was bulldozed.  Why not the marching band or the drum line? Who bulldozes a house to an orchestra?

Fifth thing- I just heard that there are rumors that the Twilight cast is going to visit the home makeover sight! *SQUEEEEEEEE!!!* Oh... sorry, I forgot for a moment that I'm 32 years old.  Ahem... yeah, if that rumor is true then I really wish I could be there. Not for me of course, but to see the reaction of all the 45 year old male construction workers.  Are they really going to give a rat's rear that Edward Cullen is in the house (hyuck, I'm hilarious)?  Maybe he could use his vampire super speed to help them get done faster.  And wouldn't it be fun to see RPatz standing next to Ty Pennington and  watch the ego struggle that will inevitibly ensue?

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Jill said...

That would probably be worth the drive to Idaho to see it.