Monday, August 9, 2010

Do Birds Gamble?

Today I had the funniest thing happen (and by funniest I mean a little funny and a whole lotta gross).  I was driving down the road, minding my own business admiring the beauty of the half sunny half drizzly day.  I decided to make my thoughts known and said, "it's such a beautiful d..." my sentence got cut off because right then, I ended up with a hand full of bird kaka (or in Jona's immortal words, "AGH! I just got shat upon!").

My first reaction was to be utterly grossed out.  Then I laughed till I nearly ran off the road.  Then I started to be extraordinarily impressed with the bird.  I was moving in a car, moving my hand around, and still the bird managed to aim exactly and hit the top third of my middle finger. (the bird hit me on the bird...HAHAHAHA)

I hope that bird flew to the gas station and bought a lottery ticket- because that was a shot in a zillion and it was obviously lucky today.

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